Valorant, Riot's most recent attempt to penetrate the hero shooter market, is entering closed beta. The game has been gathering decent buzz on the gaming world during the quarantine period, and a lot of people are interested in experiencing Valorant as soon as possible. However, as the game is in Closed Beta, there are only a few of the keys available around and a lot of unlucky fans have decided to just pay to buy an account with real money.

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The closed beta of the game is supported by Twitch and its huge streamer base

This leads to a wave of account selling happening on eBay and other 2nd-hand marketplaces. While this is obviously illegal and against Riot Games' Term and Conditions, money is money and some players are just too desperate to play the game. There are a lot of listings on various sites now, ranging from one hundred dollars to a whopping one thousand.

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Valorant's art style is oddly similar to Team Fortress 2

The closed beta of the game has officially launched today, with more keys available to the hungry crowd of players. To get the keys, you would have to either register on Valorant's home page and wait for a key to be randomly dropped - or watch Twitch streams of Valorant with an account linked.

Because of this, more and more players would be able to join into the game that their favorite content creators and streamers are already playing. For people who would like to purchase Valorant account, this is a piece of great news, as the price for the accounts would be reduced gradually and they would be able to get those for a cheaper price. Purchasing accounts is still ill-advised, as Riot can ban the illegally acquired account at any time, wasting your money and effort.

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