Pisces is a side job in Cyberpunk 2077. Here are all Pisces Cyberpunk 2077 choices and consequences. Check them out and choose the best ending for this side job with Gurugamer.com.

What Is Cyberpunk 2077 Pisces?

Pisces is a side job in this game. It's given by Judy Alvarez. You will get the quest and do it in Westbrook District and Japantown Sub District. There are many ending choices for players to choose from. Each ending choice will have a different consequence. The Pisces Cyberpunk 2077 best choice will give you the best result.

You need to head to Mega building H8 in the Japantown Sub District

The main location of this side quest is in the Mega building H8. The enemies that you will encounter in this quest are many Tyger Claws gang on the Maintenance floor of the Mega Building. You can unlock this side quest after completing the side job Talking About a Revolution.

Go To Find Judy
Go To Find Judy In The Mega building H8.

If you choose a bad option while doing this side job, you may lose access to some side quests in this game. However, you have to go through all objectives to reach the final targets and select the best options. Follow all the objectives of the quest displayed on the right side of the desktop.

Cyberpunk 2077 Pisces Objectives

Firstly, you need to wait until the afternoon to do this mission. Then, you have to do these objectives to complete this quest:

  • See Judy and the dolls and talk to the group, including Judy, Roxane, and Tom.
  • After talking to them, follow Judy to enter the elevator and reach the maintenance floor.
Talk To The Group
Talk to Judy and the group, then go to the maintenance floor by elevator.
  • You and the group will encounter the enemy gang called Tyger Claws on this floor and have to defeat them.
  • After clearing the Tyger Claws, talk to Judy.
  • Then, get into the elevator to reach the roof of the building.
Take All Tyger Claws Down
You have to defeat the gang of Tyger Claws on this floor.
  • You have to find the penthouse of Hiromi. The balcony is the easiest way to break into Hiromi's office from the rooftop.
  • If the Tyger Claws spot you, defeat them. Or else, you can sneak to the meeting room and join the meeting.
  • Talk to the bosses of those Tyger Claws or kill them.
Find The Way To Penthouse
Find The Way To Penthouse From The Rooftop Of The Building.
  • Find and talk to Maiko or kill her. You have to choose the best choice because it will lead to different endings.
  • Get out of that room, go to the elevator, and head to the ground floor.
Enter The Meeting Room
Enter The Meeting Room And Complete The Rest Of The Mission.

Cyberpunk 2077 Pisces Best Choices

In the two last objectives, the game lets players choose different actions. These Pisces Cyberpunk 2077 choices will lead to different results.

  • If you choose to accept the deal of Maiko, you will make Judy disappointed and she will hate you. Then, you will lose the chance to romance her and cannot access her questline. Besides, Maiko will become the new chairwoman of Clouds. However, you don't have to fight off Tyger Claws in that office.
Talk To Maiko
If you accept the deal, you will make Judy disappointed and she will hate you.
  • If you do not accept the offer that Maiko gives you but still follow the plan, it will lead to a better result. Judy will be fine with this option but Maiko will still take over the Clouds. Besides, you do not have to combat with the Tyger Claw gang and still satisfy Judy. Therefore, you can still access the Pyramid Song side job in Judy's romance.
Judy will be fine if you ignore Maiko's offer but Maiko will still take over the Clouds.
  • The last option is refusing Maiko's offer. Choosing it, you have to kill Maiko or spares that she cannot become the boss of Clouds. However, it's highly recommended that you should spare her because killing Maiko won't make Judy impressed. Besides, you have to fight off the Tyger Claw gang. Both killing and sparing Maiko will make Judy happy, so you can romance and unlock Judy's questline.
Defeat Tyger Claws
Defeat Tyger Claws Bosses And Guards If You Refuse Maiko's Deal

In short, the second option is the best choice for Cyberpunk 2077 gamers in this side job. You can both leave the apartment safely and make Judy happy to unlock the Pyramid Song side job. Or else, you can choose the third option and kill Maiko to enjoy the fierce combat and please Judy.

Rewards Of Cyberpunk 2077 Pisces

To unlock this side job, you have to complete the previous quest titled Talking About a Revolution. Besides, you have to stay far away from the apartment of Judy. In addition, you need to receive a message from Judy after playing the game for six hours. Then, you continue to wait for another 6 hours to trigger the job officially.

You will receive the iconic Katana named Tsumetogi on the table.

When you complete this side job, you will receive the iconic item named Tsumetogi. It's a Katana placed on the table in the center of the meeting room. Besides, you can loot three items dropped by Maiko when you kill her, including Machete, MaxDoc MK.1, and Fluorescent Lipstick.

In addition, you can also loot three things dropped by Tyger Claws, including Katana, DB-2 Satara, and F-GX Frag Grenade when you kill the bosses of the Tyger Claw gang. If you accept the offer of Maiko, you get €$12,040. When you kill bosses of the Tyger Claw gang or declare Dolls' independence, you will get. 35 EXP Points and 325 Street Cred.

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