Are you a fan of Superman or superheroes? Have you imagined yourself saving the world from evil monsters? Then this game is just for you. UNDEFEATED is out now on Steam for free.

The game is currently free on Steam

The hero

The game looks pretty easy to learn and play. Just be the hero and save the world. In the game, you play as the cool-looking boy with sunglasses, perfectly badass, isn’t it?

Undefeated Game 01
A badass looking character with glasses

In the game, you have many superpowers, making you a force to be reckoned with. Your boy has super speed, which is actually the dash function. You can also lift heavy objects to save people. Saving people is what superheroes actually do after all, isn't it? That is what our character in UNDEFEATED does.

Undefeated Game 05
Use your superpower to serve the justice

It is a fighting game, how can we miss out the flashy punching moves? You can actually do melee or ranged attacks to clear out the enemy mob. The game developers are impressive with their designs, making the moves so realistic and badass.

Undefeated Game 06
X y z a, your punching bags will fall in no time

Also, in UNDEFEATED, you can fly. Of course, you are a superhero after all. And you need no wings or capes to fly at high speed. You don’t even need the vibranium suit like Ironman to hover above the water.

Undefeated Game 04
Fly! The world is yours

One of the most badass moves you can do is flight landing. You look exactly like the superman from another planet, descending to save humanity. Worry not, the city construction workers won’t get angry even if you have destroyed the city road while landing.

Undefeated Game 07
Slam! Superhero here.

The game lets you free to explore the city. You can watch the beautiful scenery from high above the rest of the city. Congrats, you are enjoying the experience of life as a superhero. UNDEFEATED is currently out on Steam. The game is around 2GB which may take up to 20 mins of download. Go grab it and enjoy the fresh experience. It is a free game after all. Who doesn't like freeware?