It is very likely you have seen the name Archero somewhere when browsing Fecebook

Annoying FB ads

It is your free time and you are browsing Facebook videos. Some are quite fun and you are enjoying it. However, when you browse the next video, one mobile game advertisement pops up and shows some interesting gameplay of a certain game. As a normal gamer, you may get curious and want to try some actual fun mobile game. However, it all turns out far-fetched and misleading. They often show false videos of the nonexistent gameplay of the game.

One of the most consistent ads we come across on Facebook

The ads show 3D graphics games while the actual games are not. They are often generic mobile games with boring gameplay and gacha systems to lure people into spending money.

Dungeon Crawler Shooter Archero 01
These advertisements turn out to be misleading

A rare good game

However, among all those bad games, Archero is a hidden gem that not many people have discovered. The gameplay is easy to pick up and temping. The game is rated well on Google Play with a 4.4 rating out of 5 with around 300,000 downloads. Their ads also show the actual gameplay, unlike those "how mafia works" ads.

The game Achero itself is a shooter game where you shoot the enemies to death. You crawl through many levels while collecting gears and bonuses to upgrade your character. The game lets you automatically shoot arrow whenever an enemy approach. However, you can only shoot while staying still. If you move, your character will stop shooting.

Dungeon Crawler Shooter Archero 05
Archero is fun

The game is actually quite fun with the shooting system. You have to position your character right to hit it. Archero is somewhat a tactical game where you choose when and where to stay at. You also need to dodge the enemy's arrows to avoid death. Your character will lose health if hit by enemies.

Dungeon Crawler Shooter Archero 02
A good bonus will help you deal with enemy better

Also, along your journey in Archero, you can pick up many bonuses and items to help with dealing more damage or getting more tanky. Once you level up, the game gives your character one of the three bonuses to choose from. Choose wisely what fits best with your playstyle.

Dungeon Crawler Shooter Archero 03
Equipments will be much helpful

The game best for playing in your free time. It is fun and worth your time.