Fortnite is not the only BR game with a new season coming up on the horizon. PUBG Season 4 patch is now live on PC, bringing some major changes to the familiar game, including a revision of the original map along with a new Pass. The pass comes with an array of new quests to challenge and rewards to open…. and more.

The most notable change that comes to the map mentioned above is a major texture overhaul. According to PUBG Corp., they have "improved the quality of Erangel's various areas and visual across the map", which can be anything between improved textures to objects to completely changed terrains.

Some of the changes can be clearly pinpointed by the developers. According to a new source - existing signage, terrains, and buildings have been improved, with a small number of new buildings added to some areas. To make the map more consistent to the Erangel backstory published, a lot of terrain elements have been revised or changed.

Pubg 41 Update 1563440604696
Season 4 is coming to Steam

Furthermore, PUBG’s Season 4 Pass, named Aftermath, is now available. This pass can be bought on steam for $10 and would enable holders access to a collection of daily missions to fulfill. The more they play, the more points they will get to make the pass level up, unlocking further cosmetics and rewards, such as skins and emote.

Pubg Update 26 Flare Gun
Expect new cosmetics and skins

The Survivor Pass of Season 4 also introduces a new game mode – a coop mission system. Similar to Fortnite’s Assist feature, this system lets players group up with friends and get the mission to progress up at the same time. New weekly missions would go live every day during the season. The Pass would last until October 15.

Explore new locations in the update

Besides all those changes, the update would also introduce a lot of balance changes to many details. The full patch notes can be found on the PUBG website. Devs says that Season 4 for the PS4 and Xbox One version would also come during this summer, however, there is no estimated release date yet.