PUBG has just announced that Update 7.2 is now live on the Test Servers and will come to the Live Servers in a few days. Apart from some weapons changes, the 3 highlights in this update are Bot Opponents, Rank Mode, and indestructible Armor. Now, let's dive into the details of each change in the patch below.

Ranked Mode

The skill gap has always been a big problem that affects the playing experience of many players in PUBG, especially lately. New players and casual players get frustrated because there are too many experienced players that kill them in the blink of an eye while experienced players get bored because of easy matches.

Ranked Pubg
You can only play Squad TPP or Squad FPP in Ranked Mode PUBG

So from now on, PUBG will replace Survivor Title with the Ranked system.

  • Players will be able to find Ranked matches separately from normal matches with Squad TPP or Squad FPP.
  • Each match only has 64 players.
  • Team members in a Squad cannot have their ranks too far apart from each other (10 Division).
  • Players who abandon games after having loaded into the lobby will receive penalties.
  • Maps will be chosen randomly among Erangel, Miramar, or Sanhok.
  • No Crossbow, Glider, Red Zone.
  • More loots and increase Blue Zone Speed

There is a total of 6 Tiers (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master), each tier has 5 Divisions. You rank points will be determined by your Kills, Assists, Personal placement in each game. Players who are Diamond and above will have their rank reduced if they don't play for a week or more.

pubg rank mode tier
There will be a total of 6 rank Tiers in PUBG after the Update 7.2

At the end of each season, players will get unique rewards based on their Tier. Those rewards can only be obtained in one season only through Ranked mode.

Bot Opponents

Bots are somethings that everyone thinks of in PUBG Mobile and not PUBG, but here they are now. Bots will only appear in normal matches and not Ranked matches so try hard players will have nothing to worry about. The number of bot in each match will be varied.

Bot Pbug
Only PUBG Mobile has bots in the past, but now PUBG has bots too

For now, bots won't be able to  lean, jump, ledge grab, and use throwables. More adjustment for bots will come to the game in later updates.


The dev has decided to make all armors in PUBG indestructible so players can fight continuously. Armors still have health but they won't be destroyed when their health run out. Instead they will still offer the wearer 20% protection from bullets and extra inventory space, doesn't matter if it is Level 3 vest or Level 1.

Armor Pubg
You can no longer destroy armor in PUBG after the Update 7.2

This change will reduce the disadvantage of players who fight a lot and doesn't have time to get a new vest.

Weapons and other changes

M416 gets nerf a little bit and some other ARs got some buffs so players can have more options. Shotguns get a slight buff for reload speed, damage, and accuracy.

Gas Can Pubg
You can pour gas out of Gas Can to set it on fire

You can now pour gas our of Gas Can on the ground and set it on fire with gunshots, grenade, Molotov. The fire lasts for 20 seconds and deal 20 damage per second (the same as Molotov). You can also throw Gas Can away, leaving a trail of gas on the ground to blow up the Gas Can easier.

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