A new update for PUBG Lite is coming online, as the game is released on 52 more countries all around the world. According to the patch notes published by the developer, the new update would contain new exciting additions.

Pass Featured Page
PUBG Lite's season 2 pass comes with 3 levels

New In-game Currency

The two new currencies added are called Silver Bullet and Chicken Medal. Chicken Medal is a special coin that can be used to buy paid crates. This type of currency can be gained by daily logins, Lite Pass and Lite Pass Premium, Daily Missions, Challenge Missions, and other yet to be released in-game events.

Sb Shop
The Silver Bullet shop, with unique gears based on the season

4 vs 4 Mode

The 4 vs 4 map is pretty much Team Deathmatch but with a smaller number of players. In this mode, two teams consist of 4 players each would duke it out in a deserted warehouse, surrounded by abandoned vehicles and rusted shipping containers. The first squad to get forty kills would win the match.

Challenge Mission Jarp
The new challenge missions incorporated inside the Lite Pass

Lite Pass Season 2

Lite Pass Season 2 has already begun. It started on October 10 and will last until the fifth of December. However, a grace period of one week is available for players to redeem their prizes. In the Lite Pass Season 2, players can access the daily missions and challenge missions, just like in PUBG, to earn experience and rewards. There are two more levels of the pass, Premium and Premium Plus, in case you need additional rewards and missions.

Survival Title System Season 2

Season Rewards Total List Oct 10 Patchnote
The seasonal rewards based on rank

Survival Title System also gets an update on Season 2, with new rewards and titles available for players to unlock.

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