PUBG just had its second anniversary last weekend and to celebrate the occasion, PUBG Corp. has shared a video from CEO Chang-han Kim, in addition to offering a free in-game item for all PC and console players.

The video from PUBG Corp CEO Chang-han Kim

"On March 23, PUBG celebrates its two-year anniversary since releasing to the public, and what an amazing two years it has been!" A blog post on the game’s official website reads. "We've witnessed a gaming revolution with the birth of the Battle Royale genre, grew and learned together through beta and early access, and watched our game rise from a small title developed by an even smaller team to one of the most played games in the world. We've chosen this day as our overall PUBG anniversary for all platforms, as we felt it best reflects our game's humble beginnings."

The post also looks back on what the team has managed to achieve in the past year, acknowledging that it "began to tackle some of the issues" and "recommitting to higher quality, more stable builds" after releasing several quality-of-life improvements, as well as the Training Mode and new maps, Sanhok and Vikendi.

Pubg Vikendi
Vikendi is a new map that was introduced last year

"We're extremely proud of everything we've accomplished in 2018 and could not have achieved any of it without your love and support. As our thanks to you and to commemorate our second anniversary, a special anniversary item will be available in-game for free."

So, what item is up for grab on this occasion? An in-game baseball cap, apparently. Here is what it looks like:

Head C 07

Console players only have to log into the game between April 9th and May 7th to get it. Meanwhile, PC players can unlock it for free through an offer in the in-game store. This offer lasts from March 27th to April 24th.

"But just because we're celebrating how far we've come doesn't mean we're not aware of what we still need to accomplish," the final part of the post says. "We're currently deep into planning improvements to our first map, Erangel. The first changes in this process, increasing and improving loot, have already deployed to test servers, where we welcome your feedback.

"We can never properly thank you for your unparalleled support, but on a day such as this, we are happy, we are humbled, and we are more dedicated than ever to making PUBG the best game it can possibly be."

PUBG creator Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene has moved to another project titled PUBG Special Projects whose focus is on game research and development. Greene said he’ll spend most of his time in Amsterdam for this from now on.