Right on time for Halloween, the developers at Red Barrels - the studio most known for their horror games Outlast and Outlast 2 - have headed to Twitter to tease their upcoming project. And many fans of the Studio have guessed that this is the teaser for the upcoming Outlast 3 game - or a spin-off game from the Outlast universe.

Outlast 2 1
The first two Outlast game are both well-received by the fans of the Horror genre

In the latest tweet on Red Barrels' official Twitter, the studio has shared a teaser image of their upcoming game, with the image of two hands grabbing each other. Along with that are these words at the bottom of the image "Where freedom ends". To make things even more mysterious, the studio only left a short caption for the image: "Announcement coming soon."

You can see the tweet below:

Screenshot 2019 11 02 New Outlast Game Is Seemingl
The Tweet on Red Barrels' official Twitter

If we think purely at the image above, then it's most likely being a teaser of another Outlast game - which most likely being Outlast 3. The reason for this is the picture showed the same visual style as the Outlast franchise - especially the use of colors in the image. To put in perspective, the latest Outlast game - Outlast 2, was released in 2017 - which is two years ago, so this also is a suitable timeframe for a sequel. The other possibility is of an Outlast spin-off game - and that's actually fine with the fans of the franchise - especially when the quality of those games is really high that 'it set a new standard for the horror genre.'

In other news, Outlast 2 was recently announced to be a free game next month, for subscribers of the PS Plus services. For this reason, Red Barrels might want to announce a new game in the Outlast franchise soon - while the community is still hype enough.