GTA 5 The Ballad of Rocco is a combat mission in Grand Theft Auto V, assigned to protagonist Michael De Santa by Solomon Richards.

What happens in Rocco GTA mission:

Below is the video guide for this mission:

As soon as Michael arrives at Backlot City, he spots Rocco Pelosi and his subordinate Gianni ambushing Solomon. As Michael gets near them, Pelosi shouts at Solomon about following a contract, then escape along with his underling in the Red Fugitive. After that, Solomon asks Michael to track down and kill Rocco. Michael agrees and pursues the duo. After a car chase, both Pelosi and Gianni are killed.

Solomon is getting bullied by Rocco and his underling

After Michael has done the deed, he would receive a call from Solomon. In this call, Solomon would show his appreciation for Michael’s help in the Rocco GTA problem. After that, Rocco would ask Michael to come visit him in his office. The player would then be presented with two choices: Accept or Deny Solomon’s invitation. If the player accepts his demand, Michael would return to Backlot City and meet Solomon in his office. The guy would then proceed to show Michael his latest project, with Michael’s own name on the back credit, listed as a producer. Michael sits there for quite some time, thinking about his future, and as he leaves Solomon’s office, he calls Amanda De Santa. He does not reach her, however, he leaves a message telling her that he has finally found his life’s true calling.

Gold Medal Objectives of Rocco GTA mission

Time – you have to complete this mission in three minutes to get this gold medal.

Chase Rocco using your own vehicle

This gold medal is pretty straightforward, as you can just use Michael’s ability to snipe Rocco who’s in the driver’s seat. After Rocco is killed, Gianni will get out of the car and become an easy target. The final cutscene would kick in after both targets are dead. If you are playing the enhanced version of GTA 5, the railgun would also work.

Tips for GTA 5 The Ballad of Rocco

It is possible for you to skip through this mission in an extremely short amount of time. First, you have to skip the initial cutscene. As soon as the control of Michael is given back to you, switch out a Sniper Rifle and use Michael’s special skill. Next, you would need to zoom in and kill both Rocco and Gianni with a headshot before they have the chance to get out of the site. Alternatively, you can also destroy the car they are on with a rocket launcher. If you are fast enough, the final cutscene in which Michael goes to Solomon’s place would start immediately. The mission would end after you skip that cutscene.

You can always take them down personally

The Railgun is a superior choice to the RPG if you are playing the Enhanced version. With its speed, damage and accuracy, using Michael’s ability to nail that car would be even easier.

Trivia of Rocco GTA 5 mission.

The name of this mission, GTA V The Ballad of Rocco, is a reference to GTA IV’s second episode, The Ballad of Gay Tony. Coincidentally, in that episode, Rocco Pelosi also made an appearance as a secondary antagonist.

You can get into a Black Baller nearby to chase Rocco. Both this and Rocco’s car can be kept after the mission.

If players kill both Rocco and his underling before they drive away, Michael can acquire their car with Rocco’s body saved.

If the player switches back to Trevor after this mission is completed, it is possible to unlock some unique dialogues by calling Wei Cheng. During the call, Cheng will elaborate more about being Trevor’s new business rival.

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