We would have thought one day we can enjoy drinking with our friends without getting drunk? Thanks to a Russian Game Studio, it will become a reality pretty soon. In the midst of COVID-19 running rampant, the Vodka-loving country announces a solution to your social gatherings - online. Are you ready to indulge in an all-out drinking party in Drinking Simulation Online?

Russian Drinking Online 1
Drinking Simulation Online is going to be a thing!

A game studio goes by the name of Vodka Production & Consumption is about to release "Симулятор Бухания Online", roughly translates to Drinking Simulation Online. This game is about to hit the Steam platform in no time. From just the name of the Studio alone, you know it will be hilarious!

Симулятор Бухания Online will not feature any complicated concept. The idea is you gather your friends to have a drink-off, just over the Internet. Your task simply revolves around finding someone to drink with and interacting with them to make the drinking fun.

Russian Drinking Online 2
Drink all you want without actually getting drunk

The Drinking Simulation Online also allows players to tell jokes, watch TV, or talk about anything you want. As long as your character doesn't fall to a stage of drunkenness, you're good to go. The game has a multiplayer mode that can support up to 8 "online drinkers".

Russian Drinking Online Bear 2
Go to the party as a bear

This will be a big hit to entertain yourself and your friends in the COVID-19 pandemic. Gather your loved ones to have a fun, considerate drinking experience while keeping the social distancing in check. Currently, the game has appeared on Steam, but it's not available for download yet. 

Russian Drinking Online Steam
All the game to your Steam Wishlist for the fastest notice