For several international Twitch streamers, a viral popular Twitch clip could be a curse or a blessing up to its contents.

Millions of views are far more different from 10000 followers and ten followers as you are a smaller up-and-coming content creator. However, predicting which clip would go viral is nearly impossible as there is no specific hint or frequency to guess.

1Twitch is a famous streaming platform for international gamers and streamers

This point was continually emphasized on January 28th due to a sleeping streamer clip, which reached hundreds of viewers in just a day, running to top 10 most viewed videos recorded. Another instance is a clip that someone was frightened by his daughter as she did some senseless trick. After being clipped initially, this clip has caught a tractive force in about two years.

In the top 10 records, there are some familiar names such as Dr. Disrespect and Ninja. There are also some clips that are removed and deleted even before having the chance of going viral on Twitch.

According to Twitch Strike, here are 10 Twitch clips that have the highest views in history, calculating till January 29th, 2019.

The first place is Dr. Disrespect’s clip called “DOCS house gets shot at” with 3,337,622 views.

“DOCS house gets shot at”

In the video, Dr. Disrespect said that while streaming, his house was shot at by someone driving by. That unknown person broke his upstairs and windows. He also shared that his house was shot the day before too.

The second most viewed clip is “The Awakening”. It has 3,320.347 views in total, made by JesseDStreams. In the video, jesseDStreams was sleeping. Then, he suddenly woke up with a confused face. After realizing that he has just slept, he laughed in confusion.

“The Awakening”

With 2,783,486 views, “streamer daughter walks in on him while playing a scary game” of JurassicJunkieLive reach the third price in the ranking. While playing Outlast 2, a famous horror game, he was scared and screamed out loud as his baby daughter walked in on him.

"streamer daughter walks in on him while playing a scary game"

Following behind is “s1mple FPL 1v5” with 2,063,920 views. S1mple was playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in the video.

“s1mple FPL 1v5”

2,037,090 views help FioXPT to have a fifth place in the top 10. The clip’s name is “S3RL Songs”. It is a nonsense video as there was just a girl waving her hand around in Beat Saber game.

“S3RL Songs”

“Blowup Tuesday” is the next video in top 10. Washington post's clip has 2,018,178 views. It is a short funny video about Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, answering questions in his two-day congressional inquisition in front of US Congress.

“Blowup Tuesday”

Seventh place is for the video named “LEWD” made by ShadbaseMurrderTV with 1,939,159 views. The streamer adjusted his settings in A Hat in Time and it seemed like something gone wrong.


“YIKES” gained 1,740,003 views, giving it a chance to be in eighth place here. It is Ninja’s video about dancing Backpack Kid dance.


AlfonoflA has a vital clip named “WF Hivemind”, reaching the 9th place with 1,680,417 views in the top 10 record. AlfonoflA was playing World of Warcraft.

“WF Hivemind”

Last but not least, “Solving food problem” made by TSM_Myth ft. Ninja. It is about MTS_Myth playing Fornite with Ninja, reaching 1,677,301 views overall.

Solving food problem”