SHODAN is back to front and center in the newest trailer of System Shock 3 – with the iconic machine-like taunts.

We might get to fight SHODAN in realspace this time

The footage of the game looks rather nice despite being classified as pre-alpha – with all the effects pronounced and striking. This is the longest trailer so far – it showed a good sample of the oppressive atmosphere that System shock is known for. Dark, Scary, Grotesque – the visual is not too different from Dead Space, which is not a bad thing.

It is actually refreshing to see System Shock 3 looking like a real possibility, after spending over four years in development hell. Behind all the events that are going to happen in 3 is SHODAN once again. It might be repetitive, but sticking with something tried and true is much better than taking risks, as the franchise is still getting up from its knees. The trailer from GDC 2019 definitely showed some amazing progress.

The environment was very well designed

Warren Spector, a part of the original development team of System Shock, has returned to the franchise for the third game’s development. That alone showed some promises. However, there is still no launch window for the game – as OtherSide is still presumably looking for a publishing partner. However, they can still self-publish the game if there is no publisher to be found.

There are a lot of enemy types in the game, from robotic to biological

OtherSide has purchased back the publishing rights from the defunct Starbreeze in February this year. With the involvement of a publisher like Starbreeze, the game was going to be released for both PC and consoles, however, it is only listed for a Windows PC release now.

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