Mojang has finally hosted the annual Minecraft Livestream to reveal information about the upcoming updates for the game. The Minecraft Mob vote was the most highly anticipated part of the festivities, which reveals the new mob to be added in 1.20. The Sniffer won the crown convincingly against the Tuff Golem and the Rascal.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase everything you need to know about the mob vote result and the Sniffer.


Minecraft Mob Vote 2022 Result

Apparently, the sniffer received more than half of all votes, which is about 1.5 million.

  • Sniffer - 55.1%
  • Rascal - 27.7%
  • Tuff golem - 17.2%

About the Sniffer

The Sniffer will arrive with the 1.20 update. Similar to the Allay, it will likely come out very late in the last few testing phases. This means players won't see it in beta or snapshots any time soon.

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Apparently, they are an ancient mob that had become extinct in the Minecraft world. This means the mob won't spawn in the overworld and players have to spawn them by their eggs. Players can find the mob's eggs inside loot chests found in underwater ruins in the oceans. Looks like there will finally be a purpose for exploring the ocean ruins.

These ancient beasts seem to be a friendly passive mob, as they are shown hanging around TinyJens and TinyAgnes in the trailer, just minding their own business.

Similar to most mobs, there will be two variants of the Sniffer: adult and baby. It will probably come out of the egg as a baby and grow up after players feed it. The community members suspect the adult mob will be as tall as the player model and long like ravagers.

What does the Sniffer do?

Based on what was revealed in the trailer, the mob can sniff and discover ancient seeds in the Overworld. It is likely that players can control them using seeds, similar to how the allay is controlled.

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The mob is completely friendly. While players can't tame sniffers, they can use them to search for seeds in the area. Players can quickly use the seeds these sniffers found to grow plants. The developers have already confirmed that ancient plants won't have any use in the game other than decoration.

How to find Ocean Ruins?

Ocean ruins or underwater ruins are oceanic structures primarily composed of stone bricks or sandstone. They come in many different sizes varying from large villages to single ruined huts. They are rare, and have cold and warm variants.  Players can find a big chest inside them.

What will happen to the losers of Mob Vote 2022?

Similar to what happened to the Copper Golem and the Glare last year, or the Moobloom and Iceloger the year before, these losing mobs will likely be added to Minecraft in a future update, if they fit the theme.

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