Being the last one left in your profession is both great and not great at the same time. While it's very cool that everyone will adore you, you will have to carry the heavy responsibility that only you are capable of. That's the story that the indie developer Gossamer Games wants to convey through their aesthetic adventure game - Sole.

This game has come out on October 16, and here is its launch trailer. You should plug your earphones before watching this to enjoy the atmospheric world with the enjoyable music in the background. And while it's quite difficult to understand, read our overview to see what's beautiful about Sole.

The story of Sole

Sole will put you into a fantasy bleak world that used to be very vivid but got covered by the darkness. Controlling the only source of light left in this world, you only have one task: bring the life back to this land.

Sole The Only Source Of Light That Will Brighten Y
You'll take control of the last illustration of light in this world

The darkness does not only covered the color of the land but also shrouded its history as well. In order to recover its story and life, the light will have to adventure through this dark and lonely world, leaving the cheerful glow on your trail. As soon as your light reaches the environment, you'll be able to bring the color and history back, returning the land to its original state.

On your way, you'll experience the world starting to brighten up days by days, revealing its mysterious past of an ancient civilization.

Sole The Only Source Of Light That Will Brighten Y
What has taken away the light and life of this world? It's up to you to find out.

Gameplay features

Sole is an abstract adventure game, in which you'll explore its beautiful world through the eyes of the last source of light. Your job is very simple: go everywhere in this dark world, painting the creatures in the land using your light.

Sole The Only Source Of Light That Will Brighten Y
Bring the light of life back to this full-of-darkness world

To be more specific, as you make your way passing the land, you'll make the grass growing, bring flowers to the trees. Your whole adventure is like painting a mural picture, gradually adding more and more vibrant colors to the whole landscape. The visuals of this game are made out of watercolor, which gives you the feels of wandering a new world only available in your dreams.

The more color and light you brought to this world, the more stories you'll uncover of the ruin of many 5 detailed cities from the ancient times. Collect all letters in the alphabet of this ancient civilization, you can learn about its history, and find out what has caused the world to go bleak.

Sole The Only Source Of Light That Will Brighten Y
Recover the alphabet of the ancient civilization to find out the mystery

The story of Sole will be unveiled without any combats, words, or nothing else but an aesthetic adventure in the emotional orchestral background music. Hence, it's an extremely tranquil game, to the point that you might feel that you're drawing your own story in your head relaxedly.

Sole The Only Source Of Light That Will Brighten Y
It's a perfect game for relaxing in your free time

Sole is now available for PC through Steam, and you can get it at the price of $14.99. Information on consoles supports is yet to be announced.