What’s the first name that pops up in your head whenever someone mentions “a difficult game”? Dark Souls? Bloodborne? Cuphead? Well, this upcoming roguelike tactical RPG called Star Renegades is looking to add its name into that list. The game is currently slated for an “early 2020” release on Steam.

Star Renegade
An upcoming roguelike tactical RPG

First, a brief introduction: Star Renegades has you participating in a rebellion against The Imperium, which is basically an evil Empire with tons of massive and deadly robots at their disposal. The thing about Star Renegades that makes it different from the likes of Dark Souls is that its challenges are not static. The game will constantly generate new obstacles to throw at you. As a result, you never know what to expect and must try to prepare for practically everything.

Star Renegades Trailer

From the demo shown at BitSummit last June, enemy AI is very well-done as well. They fight very intelligently and will even work together, unleashing devastating attacks that will absolutely demolish you. In order to come out on top, you’ll want to get ahead of the game and make the best use of the various combos, counters, and interrupts that you’ll have access to.

Star Renegades Ai
Enemies will work together to bring you down

Yes, many games have featured these mechanics before, but Star Renegades wants to take it to another level with its Adversary System. This allows the game to also evolve as you play. Basically, it analyzes your habits and weakness and uses that knowledge to create ruthless bosses and enemies specifically to break you. So, every time you think you are doing pretty well, you’ll likely come across an opponent that just completely counters your play style.

Star Renegades Boss
The Adversary System allows enemies to evolve and counter you

All in all, Star Renegades looks like a compelling experience with captivating pixel graphics as well as challenging and innovative gameplay. If you are the type of gamers who revel in overcoming brutal challenges, look forward to its release next year.