Apex Legends battle pass, despite its 100 ranks and appealing rewards like new skins, weapons, and badges, might not have the needed challenges like what Fortnite offers but its Legend Bonus is a nice addition which gives you some kind of reward for switching to a new style of playing. If you have never heard of it, this might be a good chance to dig a little deeper into what you might gain from it, which comes with something like bonuses for each week.

Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass Level 100 Reward
The reward is worth trying for

The Apex Legends Legend Bonus will allow you as much as 25,000 points, judging on your Survival Time with each character every week. This is not a challenging task at all and many players can reach this maximum point really quickly. When you have had the most out of each character, switch to another one and repeat the process to keep gaining battle pass points.

This program is a kind of incentive from Respawn to encourage players to try out more characters and when you have used all of the free ones, the Legend Bonus might be the reason to pay to get more.

What Is The Legend Bonus In Apex Legends Season 1
Change your character and you will get rewards for that

This offer is supposed to keep you engaged in changing the characters you play after each week. There is also something for players who do so daily too. 500 battle points will be given to you for the First Kill of the Day of every character. Not everyone knows about this but pay attention to the statistics after each match and you will see it.

A lot of players have their own favorite character and keep picking him or her over and over again. This program serves as an encouragement for these people to try out something else. Taking advantage of the Legend Bonus and you will see your battle pass level elevating in no time.