Grand Theft Auto - or known more popularly under the shortened name GTA - is one of the most popular and easily recognisable game franchise in the world. So it’s really not that much of a surprise when tons of game studios had tried to replicate the success of the game. For a game whose main premise is all about jacking people’s cars, GTA itself is a multi-billion dollar franchise.

A lot of spin-offs and adaptations had attempted to put their own spins and names onto the original formula that GTA had popularised. However, none of them managed to quite reach the impact of the original. Still, if you’re already declared yourself done with GTA V and want to relive the glory, there are plenty of games that you can get into right at this moment. So here are ten games similar to GTA that you definitely need to try at least once.

Watch Dogs 2

Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PS4

While the original Watch Dogs came out to be quite a disappointment, Watch Dogs 2 fixed it up pretty nicely. Instead of taking place in the dark and stark bowels of Chicago, the sequel takes place in the sunny cultural centre of Northern California. San Francisco in Watch Dogs 2 is extensive and transcribe the vibrancy of the world to you quite well through the detailed level design and great graphical engine.

Wd Media Screens Reveal Ncsa 0
Wonderful design of this title is certainly a trademark of Watch Dogs 2

The one key difference between Watch Dogs 2 and Grand Theft Auto is that instead of relying on pure firepower, you have the power of technology at your hand. You can manipulate electronic devices, open up people’s cellphones remotely, even going as far as controlling traffic lights, cameras, e.t.c. Technically, if it’s connected to ctOS - an operating system that runs the entirety of the city of San Francisco in the game - it can be controlled. You really need to play the game to appreciate just how much more fun this new take on the sandbox action genre can be.

Watch Dogs 2 0 0
Grand Theft Auto with cool technology

Saints Row: The Third

Platforms: PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo Switch

Although Saints Row: The Third isn’t the last of the franchise, it’s definitely the best. Though the series is known for its comedic nature and non-sensical details, there’s actually quite a serious storyline behind this entry in comparison to Saints Row IV.

Ss 718766019fb13440e16fc8801ef8a76a0d4c690a 1920x1
Never underestimate the storyline of this game

I’m not trying to flame Saints Row IV - it’s actually a very good game by itself. However, when Saints Row: The Third came out it made quite a statement in the community and without the god-like power that the character gets in Saints Row IV: This one is a vote from me.


Platforms: PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One

Flashing back to the early time of GTA: San Andreas, Crackdown borrowed the progressive skill building feature of GTA: SA to great effects. For example, when you do a certain task regularly like running or driving, these skills are improved and make you better at each of them (Like you can run faster or for longer, and being a better driver overall, as an example).

Dims 1
Grand Theft Auto with somewhat of superhuman gameplay

The first Crackdown was an instant hit for the great gameplay experience that it offers. You start from a mere foot soldier into becoming a super-human and the process is pure entertainment on its own. The third and latest instalment of the game Crackdown 3 received quite a lot of negative responses. However, you definitely can’t go wrong with the first game of the series.

Sleeping Dogs

Platforms: PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4

The shallow comparison between Sleeping Dogs and Grand Theft Auto is that while the latter takes part wholly in America, Sleeping Dogs takes place on the crowded street of Hong Kong. The change of scenery is something you might enjoy if you’re a GTA veteran. And before you get ahead of yourself, Sleeping Dogs has nothing to do with Watch Dogs.

You wanna know how the underground world of Hong Kong is like, try this game

A while after it was first released, in 2014, Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition came out for Xbox One, PS4, and PC packing all of the game’s DLC contents and major graphical upgrade. The game has aged rather well and still remains a relevant title today.

Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition 1
Still an AAA game until today

Mafia 3

Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PS4

If you want a game filled with explosion and action-packed sequences then Mafia 3 might just be the thing that you’re looking for. Just like in Grand Theft Auto, you begin penniless and starts to rise through the ranks and files of the underground world to become the biggest Capo of them all.

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The Italian Grand Theft Auto

Though you can’t really beat the first Mafia in term of reviews, Mafia 3 can still be valued for its grittiness and of course, easier access. It’s not difficult to find the game on steep sales on PSN, Steam, Xbox Store, or any gaming outlets. So there’s zero reason for you not to try it out.

Payday 2

Platforms: PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Nintendo Switch

Unlike the other games in this list, Payday 2 is mostly a multiplayer game that requires you to coordinate masterfully with all of your teammates to achieve the objectives or die. Just like GTA V, you’re part of a group of bank robbers going on heist to earn their payday, so you better do it right.

Unlike GTA V, though, the entire game takes place as a first-person shooter and you can’t switch to third-person. Everything about the game is well designed and well thought out, and since it’s often on sales anyway, why not grab it and give it a try?

Payday 2 Crimewave Edition Xbox One 3
You can consider this game as a first person GTA with a lot more guns

Scarface: The World Is Yours

Platforms: PC, Xbox, Wii, PS2

Movie to game adaptations rarely work. But this one, though? This is an exception. All of the action sequences in the game remains to be extremely fun and adrenaline-filled, even after so long from its release date. Scarface: The World Is Yours is a kind of faux-sequel that follows the story from after the film.

Maxresdefault 9
Is the world truly yours?


In Scarface (The movie), Tony Montana died at the end of the movie. But not in this game, however. In this one he lives on and spends the rest of his time exacting vengeance and all those who had wronged him. Meanwhile, rebuilding the Miami drug empire. If you love the likes of GTA: SA, you will certainly love this game as well.

The Simpson Hit & Run

Platforms: PC, Xbox, Game Cube, PS2

This is probably the strangest title on the entire list: How could a cartoon series The Simpsons be compared to a game franchise that’s all about killing and car jacking? Well, there just so happen to be a game like that and it does the job of copying Grand Theft Auto’s formula pretty well for us to not mention.

Messing around with The Simpson

It’s a fun experience cruising around Springfield and meeting familiar characters from the show along the way. Throwing in some missions and you have what’s considered to be the best The Simpsons game of all time.

The Godfather II

Platforms: PC, Xbox 360, PS3

In The Godfather II, you have to be very careful about the squad members that you select to do the game’s objectives. Each character has custom traits that can aid you in the process. The way that you interact with the NPCs can mean a lot for future missions since you could ask for favours from them if you have helped them before.

Gf2 01 Lg
You will need to take a careful look at the characteristic of NPC of this game

The gameplay is quite similar to GTA, you still drive cars and you still earn blood money. The open world and the gunplay are all the same thing. But the difference is that this time you’re part of the Italian Mafia, and that could change up the atmosphere drastically.

Red Dead Redemption II

Platforms: Xbox One, PS4

Last but not least, we can’t end the list without mentioning Red Dead Redemption II. From Rockstar - the same company that has built up Grand Theft Auto’s monument - came Red Dead Redemption series. The game is set in the old Wild West and you will not be disappointed by the beautiful nature, addicting gameplay, and compelling plot that RDR2 presents to you on a silver platter.

Rdr2 Red Dead Honor
The GTA of the wild west

Actually, many of the gameplay features seen in RDR2 were borrowed from GTA, so you might be able to find quite a lot of similarities between them. From the navigation, to the hand-to-hand combat and even the gunplay, you will fit right in if you had played GTA before.