Many PC gamers are curious about the durability of the USB plug. However, not many fools are willing to test it. Here's what happens when you repeatedly plug and unplug your USB.

Test USB Type-C Durability Test

Is the USB Type-C is actually more durable and stronger than Type-B? The YouTuber "Linus Tech Tips" tested its durability. He did the test with totally brand-new devices. He repeated plug and unplug the USB plug thousands of times.

He also tested the USB type-B to compare these two variants. The result is the USB type-C still works well after thousands of insertions. However, the USB type-B went to the dustbin after ten thousand times of insertion.

The Youtuber Test The Durability
The Youtuber Test The Durability of USB Mirco B and C To Pick Up The Better One.

Some other technological testers have also tested the durability of USB plugs. Many of them reported that these USBs still work perfectly and the computer still accepts the cable although they have been plugging and unplugging it for years.

Usb Test
The USB type-C still works well after thousands of insertions.

It seems that the manufacturer took this into their consideration carefully in producing these devices. It guarantees that you can use these plugs for a few years if you don't break them on purpose. The number of times you remove and insert the USB plug does not affect the durability of this device much and it also depends on the variant of the USB.

Usb Plug Durability
Most USB Plugs Work Well Within 8,000 Times Of Insertions

The test of Linus Tech Tips YouTube Channel showed that after eight thousand times of insertions, the USB Type-B cannot work anymore while the Type-C plug is still recognized. Therefore, it's more worth buying than Type-B. But within eight thousand times or insertions, both of them work.

Usb Type B Broken
The USB Type B Is Broken After 8,000 Times of Insertions.