The Falconeer is an aerial combat RPG game from Tomas Sala Studio. Set in a fantasy ocean world, you will fly above the Great Ursee world and fight mystical creatures in sea, land, and air. Let check out the announcement trailer of The Falconeer below.

Unlike other aerial combat games, you will not fly in the air inside a high-tech aircraft. Instead, you will be riding a giant Falcon as a “Falconeer,” a skilled warrior with powerful ranged weapons.

In the open-world of The Falconeer, players can do pretty much anything and go everywhere they want. The only mission that you really need to care about in The Falconeer is the mission that you set out for yourself. Each player will have a different cause and experience as they discover the mysterious and beautiful world in the game, be it traveling around the world, completing missions or fighting pirates.

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The world in the game is gorgeous and unique

The game mixes classic dogfighting mechanics with acrobatic moves in a third-person perspective to give player fluid movements in combat against flying beetles, manta rays, dragon-like weavers, and even other Falconeers. With wonderous and hauntingly beautiful locations, the game will definitely be able to satisfy all the aerial combat fans out there.

There will be a demo of The Falconeer available at X019 during November 14-16 for players to try out the game for the first time. More information about the game will be revealed next year by Wired Productions on their official channels.

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You can do whatever you want in this game

About the developer, Tomas Sala, he is a game artist, designer, and co-founder of Little Chicken Game Company. His most popular project was an exotic Skyrim Mod series called Moonpath to Elsweyr. With years of experience in game development, he helped games such as Rekt!, SXPD, and TrackLab to have its own unique styles and experiences.

The Falconeer will be released for Xbox One and PC in 2020.