Last month, a leak suggested that there is a new Batman game currently in the works and that it will be focused on the Court of Owls storyline. And earlier today, a new leak has revealed the name of the game, that is Batman: Arkham Legacy.

The leak came from Twitter user @New_WabiSabi, who is known for many accurate leaks and rumors back at the E3 2019 event, and you can see their Tweet below:

Screenshot 2019 10 22 Batman Arkham Legacy Is The
The tweets that leaked the new Batman game from @New_WabiSabi

If the leak is true, then two things got revealed for the new Batman game. First, its name is Batman: Arkham Legacy - not Batman: The Court of Owls like many has believed. And second - which might be the most exciting piece of news for the franchise's fans - that is the entire Bat-family will be playable in this game. While this at first sounds really exciting, there are not enough details for us to confirms whether those characters are playable in the main story - or they are just available on the side story and challenge modes?

The Batman Arkham Night Version On Epic Games Stor
Batman: Arkham is still a great Batman game franchise

Back in September, WB Games Montreal has dropped a lot of teases for the new Batman game - to celebrate the Dark Knight's birthday. Because of this, many have believed that a new Batman game will be announced soon - most likely, in Sony's State of Play event in September. However, the event passed without a single new announcement - and to be honest, many were disappointed. The new leak might once again be a confirmation about a new Batman game currently in the works - but we still have to wait a long time until we can see an official reveal of the game.

Meanwhile, all the other Batman games in the Arkham franchise are now all available on PC, with Epic Games Store recently gift all the Arkham games for free.