One of the PlayStation classic games - MediEvil - is making a return in the form of a PlayStation 4 game later this year, thanks to none other than Sony Interactive Entertainment. It has just got a new trailer, which you can check out below:

The upcoming version of MediEvil is a full remake of the classic game with the same title released back in 1999. This hack and slash adventure game originally debuted on the very first PlayStation consoles and focused on an undead knight - Sir Daniel Fortesque - and his quest to bring back peace to his kingdom.

While Other Ocean Interactive - a Canadian studio - is working on the game, rumours has it that they intend to launch the game on the 25th of October. The studio’s objective while remaking the game is to improve the gameplay and the visuals but still keep the humor as well as the folksy charm the original one had.

Maxresdefault 3
The remake version of Sir Daniel Fortesque

Although the remake version of MediEvil doesn’t seem to be invested as much as many other remakes of other games from the PlayStation era, it is still very appealing in its own way. From the trailer above, we can have a glimpse of the storyline of its protagonist - Sir Daniel Fortesque, as well as a quick look at the remake’s graphics, which is considered as the “remade from the grave up”. When the game is officially released, we can see the graphics presented in 4K resolution.

Below you can find the official background story of MediEvil. This story was announced by Sony during the PlayStation Experience Event in 2017:

Take a look at life through the lens of Sir Daniel Fortesque. He is a bit inept (and also long dead) knight. He was unintentionally resurrected by the greatest enemy of his - Zarok, an evil sorcerer. Having another chance to defeat his greatest enemy, Dan will begin his journey to restore his kingdom - Gallowmere, and also earn his tile as a true hero once again.