Great things are exclusive to the ones who can wait. This case is especially true to The Room 3, debuting on the 13th of November. According to almost all review sites on mobile games, this upcoming game is worth every bit of your patience. Initially launched on Android and iThings in 2015, Fireproof Games have continuously tried to polish this point-and-click ending of the puzzler trilogy for a release on PC since then. This PC version has improved effects, better-detailed environments, and a bunch of other polished things. Below is a trailer that compares the PC remaster with the original game on mobile.

While the waiting period of three years for this short puzzler is indeed quite long, Fireproof clearly have not cut any corner. The version for PC clearly far better details in the environment. Have you seen the train? In addition, there are also some great effects. The plain glass in the mobile game is now cracked and warped by times. Furthermore, the landscape beyond is better defined.

A screenshot of the game

In the end, the brainteasers’ qualities are still the most important aspect and we hope that it can be as high as possible. The second game of this series was quite popular, receiving praises after praises. Almost all reviewers agreed that the third one, on mobile at that time, was better significantly. They said that it was both more involved and larger when we talk scope. You should expect a lot more tactile interactions to the world as well as weird machines as you prod and poke technological devices. After all, the most fun aspect of this game is figuring out what each level, button, or dial does. There is also rummaging around in drawers hoping to find some obscure hints.

The Room 3 PC version will officially launch on the 13th of November. You can get it on its official page or on Steam.