Developer The Game Kitchen's upcoming Metroidvania game Blasphemous is coming to PC and Consoles next month, on 10th September. If you are interested in this game, you can hop-on to your PC and try it via the limit-time demo that currently available on Steam. Limit-time, because the Demo only available from now until September 1st, so you might want to try it as soon as you can.

The developer of the game, The Game Kitchen studio, was a studio that has some success in the past few years, thanks to the release of their point-and-click adventure series The Last Door. The graphics of Blasphemous take inspired from the 16-bit SNES era games, along with a more polished level of details in sprites and textures. All the actions in this game - be it movement, attacking, and executions are really smooth and well-animated, which resulting in a satisfying and brutal combat experience for this game.

The game features a satisfying combat experience with plenty of violence

You can take a look at the trailer of the game here:

In the above trailer, we can also see a detailed look at the environments of the game. As the theme of the game is of a hellish world, the graphic of the game are also really gloomy and dark. Along with that, the game features a bunch of grostesque bosses - and all of them are really big and creepy. According to the developers, you can also customized your character, via various skill trees that will enabled you to unlock special moves and abilities.

Blasphemous Boss Fights
The game features a bunch of giant and creepy bosses

If you think Blasphemous is the game for you, then you should head to Steam fast to try the Demo of the game, as it's only available until September 1st.

Blasphemous will be released for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch this September 10th.