Every year, we are all looking forward to PAX, a unique event that showcases the most outstanding gaming titles. There are always titles that simply blow people’s mind because of their out-of-the-box execution and design. Among many potential candidates, The Vale stood out to join the shortlist this year – a special title where you can’t really see at all!

The Vale
The Vale, by Falling Squirrel, coming in early 2020.

Game overview

By developer Falling Squirrel and in co-operation with Canadian National Institute for the Blind, The Vale is completely different from all games out there. Entering the game, you are stepping in a story-driven kind of RPG. Just a “small” thing to remind you: the game has no visuals and you need to focus on just the audio only!

The Vale
The Vale - a game without visuals - you work with audio and audio only!

Of course, it’s an unfamiliar experience for everyone to try a game out without their vision. It’s strange and therefore, interesting to play the game. Immerse yourself in a gaming world of entirely sound. In The Vale, it’s important that you utilize binaural audio tech and the haptic controller to progress. Learn and adapt to your surroundings without your eyes.

The Vale
Immerse yourself in a special gaming world full of high-quality sound and decent voice performance.

Thanks to the lack of visual, you really have to 100% focus on the game, on every single detail. Every normal action like engaging in combats, acquiring items or exploring quite is much different from every RPG you have played before. Here’s a quick video to show you an example of what is it like playing The Vale.

Key Game Features:

The Vale consists of slightly over 5 hours of gameplay. It possesses an extremely innovative audio mechanics – a decent novel-like gaming experience. As an RPG, The Vale has action-adventure elements with it: Choosing character gender, collect equipment, different play styles, magic abilities as well as companions and main quests. Story-wise, The Vale makes an emotionally and engaging story. Alongside the high-quality audio & voice performance, it’s definitely a game to watch out for on Steam in 2020.