The last war has killed almost every man in Odin's army and you are among the survivors. But evils never wait. A new threat is coming to bring the apocalypse to the world and there is only one weapon that is powerful enough to stop it. But all Odin's warriors want to get the weapon and take on this challenge. There is only one way to determine who is the most suitable, the Viking way, a 25-man battle royale. You can check out the latest trailer of VAHALL featuring a new game mode Wield Mjolnir.

VAHALL is currently developed by Blackrose Arts in the pre-beta phase. The game takes on the setting of the nine worlds in Norse mythology. Each world will feature a different game mode.

The first game mode that was introduced is a melee battle royale game among 25 Vikings to pick out the one who will wield Odin's sword.  The second mode was a siege mode where 2 clans of Vikings will have a massive fight.

Valhall Siege Official Trailer 0 44 Screenshot Ec66_wm
Siege mode is where 2 Viking clans fight

In the latest trailer, the developer shows the gameplay of a new mode called Wield Mjolnir. It seems that it will be also a battle royale mode, but with Mjolnir instead of Odin's sword. They also say in the trailer that the game will be having a story mode and RPG elements.

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The latest trailer features a new mode called Wield Mjolnir

Most fights in the game will be melee fight with some weapon throw actions. The map of VAHALL is divided into 4 parts, each has its own weather, environment, and season. Like every other battle royale game, there will be a gravity field that shrinks toward the center of the map over time.

VAHALL is not available and there is no information about when the game will be released yet. But it has a Steam page so you can add the game to your wish list.