Wildermyth, a new indie tactical RPG inspired by Dungeons & Dragons and XCOM, is now available on Steam. As a story-driven game, it will drag you into multiple stories in The Yondering Lands. You will witness your own character's life as they gradually become a legend and then eventually retire or die. Let check out the trailer of Wildermyth below.

Every choice you make will affect your characters, from their relationship to scars on their body or even serious injury that they got because of your bad battle decisions. But don't be afraid, experience comes from failure and that what it takes to transform them from farmers to legendary warriors.

The world of Wildermyth is made entirely out of paper, but it is also detailed and full of surprises.

Everything is made of 2D hand-painted paper

Each hero has their own story and personality, and appearance. Throughout the game, they will form a relationship with each other as they grow older and fight together. Your choices in the game will have permanent effects on your heroes such as turning them into a werewolf or getting them to involve with a romantic relationship.

Choices you make will have permanent effects

If your hero gets killed, you can choose to continue the journey with them by picking "fall back" and they will continue their legend in another path with a wound. Otherwise, you can choose to let their death inspires the next generation.

The game features a wide range of abilities and upgrades

Every adventure is a unique one with procedural generated maps, heroes, enemies and events. The game also offers a great pool of skills that you can level up for your characters every time they level up. You can be aggressive or defensive, relying on brute strength or magic.

Wildermyth is now available for PC through Steam with a price of $19.99.