It is the dream of every gamer to be able to make a living by playing their favorite games every day. OPSYS, a PC builder company from Stockport in the UK is looking for a gamer to run their Overpowered User Experience (OUX) Department. In case you are wondering what it is then it is just a made-up department that the company creates to pay someone Rs 30 Lakh for playing games on their super PC for a year.

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You will be paid Rs 30 Lakh a year for playing games on an overpowered PC

"Instead of paying some ad guy £30k to promote the most overpowered computers in the world, we're giving you £30k to play games on them."

They also give a very clear description of who they are looking for: "Game-Addicts only. OPSYS's Overpowered User Experience (OUX) Engineer can't spend the whole day looking up wtf gamers are talking about. You have to know. So, immediately have thoughts on the meta, the memes, and the best way to min-max your way to an easy win, you're right for this job."

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The company want to pay money for a gamer to promote their Pc instead of putting money in ads

It doesn't matter who you are and what life experience you have. All you need is wonderful gaming skills to hit the level cap and beat any endgame. Even better, you can apply for the job from anywhere and work remotely. You can apply for the job by making a video of yourself are suitable for the job and use a company hashtag on Twitter and Instagram.

If you want to make some good money while playing games on an overpowered PC then apply for it now. The application period will end on April 9 and the final interview will start on April 12.

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