GTA 5 has been released for a decade now so it doesn't exactly have one of the best graphics. However, the game still attracts many new players over the years thanks to its open gameplay. Also, there are some extremely beautiful graphics mods in GTA 5 that you could immerse for hours.

The City of Los Santos was a breakthrough for gaming graphics in 2013 and it still looks really great now. But a new project about improving the quality of images has just made footage of GTA 5 super realistic, making the city actually look like a real-world location.

GTA 5 in real life

Below is the video with a side-by-side comparison between GTA 5 and the project.

An intern team used Intel Labs to make a program that will improve the quality of any images. Using this technology, they have improved the quality of every frame in GTA 5 footage. The result is a GTA 5 in the real life world with ultra-realistic graphics. Driving through the city of Los Santos it is actually surprising how the city will look different in real life.

Enhancing Photorealism Enhancement 7 59 Screenshot
The colors and texture of GTA 5 is greatly improved thanks to the technology.

The texture and lighting of GTA 5 in real life are absolutely true to life, more glossy and smoother. Generally, the main difference is that the colors in GTA 5 are more vibrant while the texture of the project is more true to life.

But judging from the footage, we can see that this is quite a very intense process and it won't be available in gaming in the near future. It is already a very complicated task to transform the footage. To do that in an actual game with 3D model will be even harder.

Gta 5
GTA 5 in ultra-realistic graphics

While this project is only limited to video footage right now, it is nice to take a look how GTA 5 in real life would look like.

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