The weekend is always the best time in the week, as not only can we rest and relax after our long working week, but it's also the time for free games to come. Yesterday, Epic Games Store has bombarded users with 6 Batman games for free, so Steam also wants some media coverage as well.

Today, Valve's storefront has announced that they'll let users try three Conan games from Funcom for free during this weekend. They include Conan Exiles, Age of Conan: Unchained and Conan Unconquered. Here's the announcement trailer for this free event, which you can give a look below:

About the three Conan games

The first title in this free streak - Age of Conan: Unchained is one of Funcom's longest-lasting titles. It's an extremely hardcore MMO (maybe the hardest one in the industry), which will throw you into the journey to survive in the hostile world of Conan the Barbarian. The game is now completely free to play, and is continuously bringing more contents through updates.

Aside from gathering resources to survive, players will also have to compete with other survivors as well. Beating-em-up is a good option, but you can also have more influences by recruiting more members to form guilds and help you rule the area. The guild-vs-guide siege in this game is going to be epic, and the winner will get cities as a monument for their glory.

Three Conan Games Is Free To Play On Steam This We
Age of Conan: Unchained is the first title in the series

The second one is Conan Exiles - the one that's experiencing a stupid amount of orders at its Early Access launch back in January 2017. This more recent title is one of Funcom's best selling games. Unlike the first game, Conan Exiles does give players the chances to experience a lot of mods.

To be more specific, players can directly download some mods on Steam Workshop to customize your game, as well as create your own mod through the Unreal Editor. The game is currently having over 450 mods, which you might spend your whole day just surfing through all of them.

Three Conan Games Is Free To Play On Steam This We
Conan Exiles is the more recent titles, which has a lot of mods for you to expand your in-game experience

The last one and also the most innovative one is Conan Unconquered, as it brings a brand new element to the game: strategy. In fact, Conan Unconquered is actually an RTS game, which you would not expect to shine after the hack-n-slash experience in the previous two Conan games.

Instead of surviving on the Barbarian land of Conan, you'll control armies of soldiers from the god's perspective. Players will need to recruit, build, upgrade and lead their troops to the victory by spending the least resources as possible. You can also enjoy some diplomatics stuff by temporarily working with other generals as well, which brings a new breath to the battles.

Three Conan Games Is Free To Play On Steam This We
Conan Unconquered takes a whole new approach: going real-time strategy!

Free to play this weekend

These three Conan games are too much for just only 2 days of the weekend, so you are probably not able to try all of them. We highly recommend choosing the one that suits you the best and spend the rest of your time playing them instead of splitting your time for all of them.

This Conan free weekend will last from today to September 22, and if you feel absorbed in any games, you can purchase it later with hefty discounts. Conan Exiles and Age of Conan: Unchained is now 50% less, and Conan Unconquered's price is cut by 30%.

This discount only lasts for a while, so warlords, had better be quick with your decision! Enjoy