Every year, there are always big studios and developers who take all the spotlights and attention, leaving a bunch of other smaller games that are just as good behind with no chance. Indie games are getting better and better every day with more profound, memorable storylines and intriguing, creative gameplay without consuming millions of dollars. The year 2019 was also the same with tons of indie games buried under the big titles. And so, we have made this list for you to see all the great indie games that you might have missed in 2019.

1. Vignettes (PC)

Vignettes is a puzzle game made by Skeleton Business. This game is all about perspective. You will be shown an object. By rotating that object to s specific angel that object will morph into another object that has the same look under that perspective. For example, if you look at a bowl from a top-down perspective and rotate to a different angle, you will see that it has turned into a lamp as both objects look the same from a top-down perspective. An object can turn into several different objects with the right perspectives. Some objects will even include a hint to unlock other objects. The game ends when you have discovered all the objects.

Vignettes starts out as a fun mini-adventure and then gradually turns into puzzles that are more interesting than you might think.

Vignettes is currently available on Steam for PC with a discounted price of $6.39.

2. Demon's Tilt (PC, Switch)

Demon's Tilt will show you how to play Pinball in hell. The basic control and board design of it are very similar to Pin Ball. But the game has some really nice additions of bullet hell genre with bosses, monsters, and an endless swarm of bullets.

You will start out easily and peacefully in the three-tier board before the game gradually adding more and more challenges and make the board a total mess. Demons will spray bullet all around, left and right in a pattern. These bullets won't destroy your balls but they will alter their directions and speeds, making them threats that you would want to eliminate. There will be lots more things that you won't be to keep track of in the game. But in the end, it is still basically pinball, just with more fun and chaos. Just relax and play.

Demon's Tilt is now available on Steam for PC for only $11.24.

3. A Short Hike (PC)

A Short Hike is a peaceful game that follows a cute little penguin called Claire on an adventure to discover the Hawk Peak Provincial Park. You can walk, hike, climb or swim however you like. The goal is to make it to the top of the park. Take any path you want to enjoy the scenery along the way. You can stop to do some fishing along rivers or searching around for treasures or chatting with other hikers you meet. There's no need to hurry. Just imagine this as a picnic and slowly discover everything about this beautiful little park.

A Short Hike is now available on Steam for PC with a price of $6.79.

4. Hardland (PC)

Hardland is an unusual fantasy RPG made by Mountain Sheep. It has goblin, imps, talking animals, merchants,... everything that you expected to find in a fantasy game. But what about the "unusual" part that I mentioned? In the game, you will meet characters and do things that will spark lots of questions in your mind. For example, you will get to see a pumpkin transforming poop in the toilet into goods to sell. You can climb inside the corpse of a death goblin king and rolling everywhere. The more you play the game, the weirder and more beautiful it becomes.

Hardland is now available on Steam for PC for $21.24.

5. Yaga (PC, Xbox One, Switch)

Yaga is an action RPG where you play as Ivan, a blacksmith with only one hand and super bad luck. He is stuck with a witch who wants to control him, a Tzar who gives him impossible tasks, and his grandmother who wants him to get a wife.

The game features monsters and mysteries from Slavic mythology. Ivan will be destroying the using you hammer and equipment that forged by himself and complete quests. Talking to NPCs in this game is very important as you will gain reputation and discover many in-game secrets and bonuses. Many different endings, mission outcomes along with random generated maps, secrets, and encounters allow you to play the game over and over again without getting bored.

Yaga is available for Xbox One, Switch, PC Epic Store with a price of $9.99.

6. Pine

Pine is a wild open world that is full of monsters and smart creatures that can easily take your life. You will be playing, Hue, a young boy who leaves his home on a mountain top to explore the world adn find a new place for people in his village to settle down. You can fight and take over other villages or you can make friends with them by helping them. The combat in the game is not easy at all as most creatures are much more powerful than you. You need to be patient and constantly dodging, blocking waiting for a good moment to strike back.

Pine is now available on Steam with a price of $19.99.

8. Pilgrims (PC, iOS)

Pilgrims is an adventure card game with a weird 2D art style and designs. You will be traveling across the land and meet people, creatures along your way. You have a deck full of items represented by cards. You can use them in different situations to help people you meet on your journey. Each situation will have multiple ways to solve it so you will have lots of fun trying different cards and get funny reactions even if you chose the wrong card. The game is all about enjoying your journey and experimenting to see all the outcomes so take your time playing it.

Pilgrims is now available on Steam with a price of $19.78.

9. Feather (PC)

In Feather, you will get to play as a bird to explore an island. There are no enemies, missions, combat, puzzles whatsoever. All you have to do in this game is to sit back and enjoy the fight as you discover this world. Discover underground tunnels with beautiful glowing mushrooms or flying in the sky during sunset. Along with a relaxing soundtrack, this world will keep you entertained while you are having your peaceful time flying around the island.

Feather is available on Steam with a price of $5.99.

10. Meteorfall: Krumit's Tale (PC)

Meteorfall: Krumit's Tale is a roguelike deck-building game in the world of Meteorfall. You will start out with a basic deck and collect more cards to alter your deck as you go through dungeons. When you clear a dungeon, you will receive a powerful passive that significantly increases your strength. At first, you can only choose one character, which is Bruno. But you can unlock more through playing the game normally and without any grinding at all. There is a total of 4 heroes, more than 40 passive, 160 plus cards and many types of enemies. The game is easy to play while having enough versatility to entertain players for a long time.

Meteorfall: Krumit's Tale is now available on Steam for PC with a price of $7.99.