Minecraft is still super popular even after 15 years since it came out. However, playing the same game for so long might make you feel like somehow bored. You've probably already built a castle, a city, or even a Wild West outpost. So, what can you do next?

There are lots of cool ideas for buildings, farms, and creations in Minecraft that can inspire you for your next project. Check out these 10 cool things to build in Minecraft that you should definitely try!

1. Haunted mansion

We immediately fell in love with this awesome haunted mansion built by Redditor YouIndependent, and we think it works perfectly with the build idea below, so we’d love to combine the two ideas. We’ve lightened the image for the sake of visibility, but the real thing is suitably dark and spooky, exactly as you’d expect from this sort of Resident Evil-esque mansion.

Haunted Mansion Minecraft Jpg
Haunted mansion is one of the cool things to build in Minecraft.

We really liked this spooky haunted mansion created by a Reddit user named YouIndependent. It's so cool and creepy! The mansion is dark and eerie, just like something out of Resident Evil. What adds to the creepiness of this amazing mansion are those custom paintings, especially that eye in the top right corner of the image! However, if you prefer something simpler, you could still build a terrifying mansion without those intricate details.

2. Village in the tree

This project is pretty challenging if you're thinking of giving it a shot, but we just had to show it to you because it's absolutely breathtaking! This amazing Minecraft village is another masterpiece by Slooter2. They've constructed this enormous custom tree that holds an entire village on different branches and levels, offering a majestic view of the world.

Village in the tree Minecraft
Village in the tree

3. Sandcastle base

Remember those fun times digging in the sand on a sunny beach, trying to build the most awesome sandcastle ever? Well, why not relive that feeling by creating an authentic sandcastle base in Minecraft?

This sandcastle tutorial by Cr1ato isn't like most of the realistic Minecraft castles you'll find in our other guide. It's not just a castle made of sand, it's a perfect recreation of those beach masterpieces you make with a bucket during summer. The only issue is that it's not very secure, but if you want to use it as a safe base, you can always add a redstone door.

Sandcastle Base Minecraft
Sandcastle base

4. Medieval tavern

If you're trying to recreate your TTRPG world in Minecraft or building a medieval town, you can't forget to include a tavern where you can kick back and enjoy a mug of ale. We're really impressed by this top-heavy tavern created by Junopii and Shovel241builds. This is actually one of the cool things to build in Minecraft.

Medieval Tavern Minecraft Shovel241builds
Medieval tavern

5. The fox lodge

If you're not sure what kind of base you want to build, why not take inspiration from your favorite Minecraft mob? This Fox base, inspired by the Fox Lodge Minecraft Lego set, is absolutely adorable on the outside and offers plenty of space and functionality on the inside.

ManDooMiN's easy-to-follow tutorial on YouTube includes the complete interior, which is great if you struggle like we do with furnishing your Minecraft base. If you want to personalize it, you could paint it white like an Arctic fox, or experiment with building a base inspired by other Minecraft creatures like the Armadillo or even the Ender Dragon to keep enemies at bay.

6. Pyramid

Have you ever wondered how those huge Minecraft monuments are constructed? Check out this time-lapse of a pyramid being built using Minecraft WorldEdit, one of the top Minecraft mods that makes constructing massive structures much simpler compared to doing it all manually.

This pyramid was built by FallenQbuilds in just under 18 hours, but we bet it would take a beginner much longer to build something like this from scratch.

7. Aquarium

Some fans say that there's nothing more sophisticated than having your own personalized aquarium. Whether you place it inside your home or go all out with a dedicated aquarium within your base, it's a fantastic idea. Take your build-up a notch by using Minecraft mods to introduce even more fish, including the Minecraft Axolotl. A custom aquarium is a wonderful way to bring natural colors into your home. Sure, you could stick with flowers like everyone else, but where's the fun in that?

8. Secret pirate cove

Have you ever stumbled upon a small air pocket while exploring underwater? You can transform this space into a secret pirate cove tucked away beneath the depths.

These pockets can be surprisingly spacious inside, but be cautious when digging into the walls, as you might accidentally breach the surrounding water. As long as you're careful and avoid sudden leaks, you'll have a permanent underwater base to astonish your friends with. This could be a fun way to kick off an experimental run, where you try out new things you've never considered before.

Secret Pirate Cove Minecraft
One of the cool things to build in Minecraft is a secret pirate cove.

9. Automated cow farm

Looking for food can take up a lot of time, but you can skip this task entirely by setting up a cow farm with a built-in lava cooker. Now, we're not claiming this is the most humane farm you'll ever come across, but it's definitely efficient. Here's the gist: adult cows breed at the top of the farm, producing new calves that drop down to the bottom. From there, they're pushed into lava, instantly cooking them. The cooked meat is then sent straight into the chest below, giving you access to cooked food whenever you need it.

10. Library

Minecraft has lots of book-related elements like librarians, interactive bookshelves, and libraries in Strongholds. So, why not build your own awesome Minecraft library for a new project? Here is also the last idea in this list of cool things to build in Minecraft.

Sure, building a library in Minecraft might not seem like the most practical project at first glance, but it's become even more interesting since the introduction of Redstone bookshelves in Minecraft 1.20. Just imagine all the trapdoors and secrets your library could conceal! Additionally, it would be an ideal spot to showcase your Minecraft enchantment table. Even if your library isn't as grandiose as the one mentioned earlier, it could still be a simple yet valuable addition to your base.

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