Mine Minecraft Mace is a new weapon in Patch 1.21. This will be one of the most powerful weapons in this game that helps you well in close-range combat for survival. Let's see how to get and use Minecraft Mace in Patch 1.21 here.

Minecraft Mace
Minecraft Mace is the new weapon in Patch 1.21.

#1. Minecraft Mace Crafting Recipe

Minecraft Mace is designed for melee combat. You can craft this powerful weapon from two rare materials that are hard to obtain in this game, including:

  • Breeze rod x1
  • Heavy core x1

These two new materials are only available to obtain from the new Trial Chamber released in Patch 1.21. The latest mob Breeze in the Trial Chamber will drop Breeze rods after being defeated. You can get two Breeze rods per defeated Breeze mob. But the looting enchantment can multiply this number by four times and give you up to 8 rods per kill.

The heavy core, similarly, is also rare and exclusive to the Trail Chamber. Minecraft players need to loot ominous vault blocks in these chambers to search for this material. But its spawn rate is only 8.3%. Therefore, it's not easy to get a Mace to use.

After collecting enough materials, open the crafting table and place these two ingredients in a column with the Heavy Core above the Breeze Rod. Then, drag the Mace to your inventory.

Minecraft Mace Recipe
This is the crafting recipe for Minecraft Mace.

#2. Best Minecraft Mace Enchantments

Mace is hard to obtain, therefore you should enhance this weapon to increase its durability and other statuses. Here are the best enchantments you ought to apply to this weapon.

  • Density (Lv. 1-5): Increase the Mace's damage by the number of the block you fall.
  • Breaking (Lv. 1-3): Boost its durability by reducing the chance of breaking down.
  • Wind Burst (Lv. 1-3): Add the wind burst effect to the weapon that launches the user into the air upon hitting the target.
  • Mending (Lv. 1): Repair the weapon's durability using XP to increase the times of use.
  • Breach (Lv. 1-4): Reduce the enemy's armor health to deal higher damage to the target.

These enchantments will improve the damage and durability or add special effects to the weapon to increase its effectiveness in farming or killing mobs. Besides, you can apply other enchantments, such as the Curse of Vanishing, Bane of Arthropods, and Smite to this weapon.

How To Make Mace Minecraft
Enchant Mace to increase its stats for better effectiveness.

#3. Best Ways To Use Minecraft Mace

Minecraft Mace is an effective weapon for melee combat. To perform a crit attack and deal crit damage to the target, you must jump and hit it. This weapon deals 6 ATK damage (3 hearts) in both Java and Bedrock editions. But in the Java edition, it has 0.5 speed damage which does not exist in the Bedrock edition. In addition, its crit attack can deal up to 9 damage points (4.5 hearts).

Crit Damage
Jump and hit to perform Crit ATK.

That's how to craft and use Minecraft Mace. Enchant it with essential effects to boost its stats. Stay tuned for further tips and tricks in this game on Gurugamer.com.

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