2020 is going to be a great year of gaming, with various new releases that might even be able to redefine the future of gaming. In this list, we would name out some of the best games that would be released in the first month of 2020.

10 – Journey to the Savage Planet

2019 Journey To The Savage Planet 5c

A first-person perspective adventure title – in this game, the player would travel to some random remote planets on the edge of the galaxy to scout and catalog – to see if the location is suitable for humans to survive. In your journey, you will gather resources and craft upgrades just like the usual survival game – and there would be four different biomes for you to adapt. The game will be released on Jan 28 for both console systems and PC.

9 – The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners

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Outside of the telltale point and click adventure games, there haven’t been any good video games adapted from AMD’s The Walking Dead. However, next year’s Saint and Sinners could be an exception. The game would be a VR adventure set in the New Orleans region of The Walking Dead. There would be elements from multiple genres like survival, stealth or first-person VR combat. The story would be a very important detail in this game as well, as the player would be able to undertake quests from various NPCs and factions. The game would be released on Jan 23. With the advent of Half-Life Alyx, looks like we are going to see more and more VR games in the future.

8 – Tokyo Mirage Sessions # FE Encore

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A Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem collab, Tokyo Mirage Session would be the next spinoff from Nintendo for the Switch system. In this game, players would have to repel a demon invasion in Tokyo. But, instead of summoning personas to fight, they would be calling on spirits of Fire Emblem Warriors. While this is a rather weird combination, the folk at Nintendo would probably manage to make it work. The switch version of the game is an upgrade from the Wii U version, with additional team members, soundtrack and story contents. This RPG would be released on Jan 17, 2020, and if you are up for some more Shin Megami Tensei, the title is definitely worth a look.

7 – Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

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The previously mentioned Tokyo Mirage Session is not the only RPG next month. If you are a fan of the Action RPG genre, Dragon Balls Z: Kakarot by CyberConnect2 is definitely something worth checking out. The title would be available on Jan 17 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Similar to the usual Action RPGs, the gameplay would more or less be a button-mashing fast-paced action. Dragon Balls Z would adapt multiple arcs from the Entire Z saga of the manga, begin with Raditz’s arrival and end with the battle against Majin Buu. To spice up the usual gameplay, there would be various side mechanics added such as training, minigames, quests and even dragon balls finding.

6 – Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Expansion 1080p Wall

The PC version of Iceborne will finally be released on Jan 9. It is a big upgrade to the current monster hunter experience, with various new additions such as new weapons, armors, and quests. The biggest addition, however, is the new frost themed monsters and the Clutch Claw. Each new monster would be a new fresh challenge to your Monster Hunter Journey – and if you are starving for more content on PC, it looks no further.

5 – AO Tennis 2


Good sports games are few and far between – and because of that, AO Tennis 2 is definitely worth trying out. The game was developed by Big Ant Studios, which was responsible for the amazing Rugby League. There would be a lot of famous characters in the story mode, from Rafael Nadal to Roger Fereder, along with a uniquely crafted career mode for both solo and dual players. Additional challenges can be created with the scenario editors so that the replayability of the game could be increased even further. AO Tennis 2 is going to be released on Jan 9 on all systems.

4 – Moons of Madness

Moonsofmadness 1 1

The newest title in the Cosmic Horror genre would be available on Jan 21. A first-person perspective horror adventure, players will step into the shoes of an engineer who’s trying to get out of a ruined space station that’s currently breaking apart. There would be the usual Lovecraftian horrors mindfuck, with various hallucinations, tentacles and jump scare. If you are into that kind of thing, the Moon of Madness is definitely worth checking out.

3 – Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire

Pillars Of Eternity Ii Deadfire Game Rpg

Obsidian’s sequel to the critically acclaimed RPG series is finally getting ported to consoles. The game would be available on PS4 and Xbox One on Jan 28, along with all DLCs incorporated. Deadfire is one of the best classic RPGs ever released in quite a while. You would be able to experience everything the genre has to offer: from the in-depth character customization to the turn-based combat system. The thing that makes this game different from the original is the inclusion of Naval Combat. You should be able to entertain yourself playing this game for like over a hundred hours or so.

2 – Kingdom Hearts 3: ReMind

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The next expansion of Kingdom Heart 3 will launch exclusively on the PS4 next week. The best thing amongst the updates is the new characters and bosses. In this DLC, you would be able to play as Squall, Yuffie and Aerith from Final Fantasy, along with the ability to switch into Sora, Riku, Aqua or Kairi during certain chapters. The story of the DLC would bring Sora on an adventure to find the hearts from the guardians of light to save Kairi.

1 – Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath HD


The latest entry of the Oddworld series is getting a switch port. In this game, the traditional gameplay of the series is preserved fully – you would be able to use any living creatures or objects as ammo. A light-hearted adventure that is suitable for everyone to play – the Switch version of Stranger’s wrath would be released on Jan 23 rd.

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