Call of Duty: Warzone was released a few weeks ago, making a big hit in the game world. In this battle royale game, weapons are the key element to survive and win the game. Here are the top 10 weapons in Call of Duty: Warzone that you need to know.


It’s one of the best sniper rifle guns in this game. SRs are favorite guns in battle royale games like PUBG and CoD. And AX-50 is a powerful gun with high accuracy and great damage points in long-range battle. However, it’s pretty hard to shoot moving targets. But in medium-range combat, this weapon is amazingly accurate. 

Ax50 Warzone
Call of Duty: Warzone AX-50

Origin 12

In close combat, you need a really powerful gun with huge damage to end the enemies right away. In CoD Warzone, it’s Origin 12 with high-speed ammo and great damage. Although the damage of a single bullet from Origin 12 is not big, it’s still a strong gun as its ammo rate is high.

Cod Warzone Origin 12
CoD: Warzone Origin 12


An accurate bullet is very important for snipers. As a sniper, you need to end the enemy in one or two shots and evade from that position. With great accuracy for long-range shots, Kar98k is a favorite snipe of many players. Moreover, you can shoot to weaken the enemy and cover your teammates. 

Call Of Duty Warzone Snipe Kar98k
Call Of Duty: Warzone Best Snipe - Kar98k

Mk2 Carbine

If you want a powerful gun with good damage for long-range combat, MK2 Carbine would be an ideal weapon. With high accuracy and huge damage, MK2 will make your enemies scared. It’s a favorite gun of CoD: Warzone players choose in the last circles. Besides, you can attach a laser sight to increase the accuracy of this weapon.

Mk2 Carbine
Mk2 Carbine


This weapon is an ideal gun for close combat and quick attack when you need a quick aim and accurate shot. However, this shotgun is only strong in close-range combat and less powerful in the medium or long-range. 

Mp7 Cod Warzone
MP7 in CoD Warzone


This weapon is an upgraded version of MP7 with a higher speed of ammo and good damage. Moreover, it’s more stable and accurate in the medium and long-range of firing. You should grab an MP5 in your hands while traversing on the ground. You should attach a silencer ad play as an assassin in this game. 

Mp5 Call Of Duty Warzone
MP5 in Call Of Duty Warzone


It’s a good weapon to use in the early stages of the match. Moreover, it’s pretty easy to find in the crates after you land on the map. With 100-bullet loads, this gun has a good damage point. Especially, you can end non-armored opponents with ease.



If your enemies are hiding behind walls or trees, you can spray some loads of ammo with a PKM gun to scare them. It has a great ammo storage capacity, MPK is a powerful weapon in medium-range combat. Moreover, you can damage off-road mountain vehicles in this game.



AUG is a flexible, powerful, and accurate gun. It’s considered as a “monster” in short and medium-range combat. However, it’s less powerful and couldn’t be upgraded by any attachment. So, many players do not prefer this gun.



It’s a favorite gun of many players. M4A1 is a strong gun in the short and medium range. Moreover, you can also kill the enemies in long-distance when you keep shooting single bullets. In short, M4A1 is a flexible weapon and it’s more powerful with full attachments. 

M4a1 Cod Warzone
M4A1 CoD Warzone

These are the 10 most powerful weapons in Call of Duty: Warzone. To update the latest game news as well as tips and tricks for gamers, let’s visit our website