A reality that affects many gamers of a certain age is the difficulty of finding a worthwhile game. Often, this is because you don't know where to look or because of the lack of publicity that those titles receive.

And while if you want to have a good time on the internet, you can do so by accessing gambling and entertainment games within popular casino sites (you can browse this site to check them out), there’s also the possibility of exploring a market little touched by many players: Indie games.

Due to the small budget, many studios can’t advertise them adequately. However, if you are lucky enough to stumble upon one, you will appreciate a unique gem you don't often see in video games.

So, get comfortable and get ready to meet the top 3 Indie games you will surely find enjoyable without leaving your PC.

Graveyard Keeper: A jewel of management games

Graveyard Keeper

Graveyard Keeper is a simulation and management game where the main character is trapped in the past as a gravedigger, and must perform all functions until he returns to the present.

Created in 2018 by the Indie studio "Lazy Bear Games," it’s been so successful that it’s reached multiple consoles and platforms. The game can be found on Mac, Linux, Xbox One, Windows, Nintendo Switch, Ps4, IOS, and even has a discontinued Android version. Additionally, it obtained several DLCs, the last one being in 2021.

The title has a simple premise: survive and complete missions while doing so. You will be able to perform basic survival actions, like cooking and creating objects. At the same time, you get deeper into the game's story and meet unique characters.

The truth is that the game combines comedy, mystery, suspense, adventure, and much more, making it one of those titles that you should try.

Dave the Diver: An In-depth adventure worth taking

Dave The Diver

If you like adventure, quality bosses, and games to spend a long time on, Dave the Diver is one of those unique titles that will keep you sitting for hours on your PC. Created by the indie company Mintrocket, the game is relatively young (2023) and has conquered the hearts of many.

In this title, you control Dave, a retired and overweight diver. One day you are called to join a sushi business, and your mission is to fish and produce the best dishes available. However, everything becomes more complicated when you deal with violent activists, unique wild sea monsters, and the legends of the so-called "sea people."

Combining implements of RPG, adventure, and action games, it’s a title simple in graphics but full of everything a player needs.

Dredge: A unique thriller game


For the last game on this list, we have Dredge. Created by Black Salt Games studio, it’s classified as an indie fishing game, but clearly goes much further.

Dredge is a game full of suspense, terror, and inexplicable situations, where a Lovecraftian style is used to turn a fishing simulator into a much deeper mystery RPG. It has a darker tone, and its characters seem to be constantly struggling with the madness caused by what seems to be a greater dark entity.

The story is gripping, the gameplay simple, and the missions full of challenge and mystery. This title is worth checking out.

Are these Indie games worth trying?

The simple answer is yes. Even if you're not a lover of simple graphics Indie games, these games rely on simple gameplay, an interesting story, and entertaining challenges to make up for it all.

At the same time, they are titles that tend to weigh little and are not very complicated. This makes them ideal for long gaming days on those days when you just want to spend some time in front of your PC.

The truth is that these little games are there for one purpose: to show you that small studios can create gems.