Battle Royale has been around for quite some time. Needless to say, the genre attracts huge number of players and doesn’t seem to slow down anytime soon. There are some of the best battle royales out there and we’re here to rank them.

Each of the following games will have their loyal fan base for sure. As a result, the ranking in this article will probably differ from yours and it’s just for referencing purposes.

5. Apex Legends

At the beginning of 2019, nobody knew about Apex Legends. Just over a month after release, it’s among the most popular games out there right now!

Battle Royale - Apex Legends
Apex Legends surprised everyone with a surprise launch back in February.

Apex Legends is a free game and we’ve never seen the player base to decrease at any point. It brings upon a futuristic feel to players and has arguably the best graphics for a battle royale title. Even with the high-quality graphics, the game runs extremely smoothly, even for console players.

More than 50 million unique players have played Apex Legends so far and the number is expanding at a steady speed.

4. Fortnite

You might have seen this one coming from miles away! It’s Fortnite coming up next in the list.

It’s undeniable that Fortnite is incredibly popular. The game holds Twitch record for both the most watched and streamed game on the platform. Especially, Fortnite owns the record of having the most concurrent players of all games, at 10.8 million.

Battle Royale - Fortnite
Over 250 million gamers have played Fortnite and the number is rising on a daily basis.

The game has a cartoon-like graphics and a bit unrealistic in terms of gameplay. Some people love it, some don’t. Imagine if a list for both the most loved and hated game in the battle royale genre exists, Fortnite will definitely be on top of it.

3. H1Z1

While it’s safe to say PUBG began the battle royale era, it was actually H1Z1 that brought up the genre.

Battle Royale - H1Z1
H1Z1 came out in Jan 2015 and proved to be a pioneer in the genre.

However, compared to today’s standards, H1Z1 seems to fall behind in every aspect, from graphics to movement and shooting. The game is still fun to play now, although it feels like playing an arcade version of today’s battle royale.

H1Z1 lobbies will still remain for some time after the recent re-brand. The only thing fans of H1Z1 are hoping for now is a more modern version of H1Z1 to actually be widely playable.

2. Call of Duty: Blackout

The higher the rank gets, the more controversial it would be for a title to show up here. Nonetheless, to be fair, CoD: Blackout has all the elements to be among the best, if not the best battle royale game out there.

Battle Royale - CoD: Blackout
Call of Duty: Blackout is fast-paced, exciting, has a great map, excellent shooting mechanics as well as frequent patch updates. Not many games can tick all those boxes like CoD can.

Besides the amazing battle royale core of CoD, there’s an even faster-paced mode, the Hot Pursuit, to add up the gaming experience.

In terms of shooting and movement, however, Call of Duty isn't as realistic as PUBG.


PUBG is ranked #1 in the list of the best battle royale titles of all time.

Battle Royale - PUBG
It’s no doubt that PUBG made the battle royale genre and gaming industry bloom.

While there are many questions regarding the game mechanics and the huge amount of bugs, the number of players and hours spent in the game is the proof of quality for PUBG. the amount of hours spent on the game is evidence of its quality. Will a game be played that much if it wasn’t great?

At its peak, PUBG dominated the Twitch viewership for both watching and playing. The game sold more than 50 million copies worldwide. And if you look at it, it’s ridiculously impressive for a game with a pay wall behind.

PUBG has a somehow minimalist map design that might actually makes it so iconic. Two years after the release, PUBG still maintains a large player base that keeps increasing over time.