The Grand Theft Auto franchise has grown massive over the years, with GTA 5 being one of the best-selling games of all-time. That's why when there's news about the possible secret development of GTA 6, the gaming community could not help but gush it. Fans come up with a whole bucket list of things they want to see in the upcoming installment. 

Gta6 Locations Muscle Car
These Locations Below Are Not Confirmed By Rockstar Games

Today, we'll take a look at the top 5 most requested locations for GTA 6 by the gaming community.

5. London, England

Guy Ritchie's success has put the British crime genre on the global gaming map. However, it would be a challenge for Rockstar Games to capture this pervasive genre. GTA's identity is deeply rooted in the culture and history of America.

But, if somehow Rockstar manages to achieve the cross-culture move, it will be huge. That shows the publisher's ambitions by taking their game further in both scope and form. With various English characters already in the franchise, fans firmly believe in the potential of a GTA game set in London.

4. South America

Though Rockstar Games hasn't revealed or confirmed anything about GTA 6, there's one prevailing theory that they will finally leap outside of North America. According to a series of leaks, the upcoming game of the franchise is under development by the name "Project AMERICAS."

Gta6 Locations South America
South America Sounds Lovely

Because of that name alone, fans are convinced that the next GTA would no longer tie to America but move to South America instead. A possible theory suggests that a fictional South American city, perhaps Rio, will be the next location of the story.

If players have the ability to travel back and forth between North and South America, it would be a real thrill!

3. Tokyo

Nowhere screams pop culture more than Tokyo, Japan. And fans of the GTA franchise are desperate to see their favorite game in an Asian city setting. However, as we mentioned before, the title is so attached to American culture that it's a real challenge moving it beyond.

Gta6 Locations Tokyo
Tokyo Would Be A Real Task To Tackle
Yet you can't deny the potential of Tokyo for a gangster game. The Japanese crime organization - Yakuza has always been an obsession for the entertainment industry. If Rockstar Games could take on this impossible task and make it work, we would have a blast in the near future.

2. Liberty City, Los Santos, and Vice City Inter-Connected Open-World

The GTA franchise has introduced some of the most iconic fictional cities in the entire gaming industry. But the question is, has technology finally caught up to the ambitions of Rockstar Games to connect all of the previous creations into one?

Gta6 Locations Connection
Can The Devs Somehow Tie Them All Together?

It has been a long-standing dream for GTA fans to see all previously known cities on one giant map. That alone sounds like a massive headache. The amount of work that Rockstar would have to take on is just mind-boggling.

1. Vice City

GTA Vice City is by far one of Rockstar's best works. This neon-drenched 80's title has always been the center of discussion in the community. And the possibility of actually seeing a revamped version of the city is just overwhelming for fans.

We would love to once again relive the architecture, the art-style, and the sonic identity of Vice City.