How many times have you been troubled by internet problems or power cut while in a CS:GO match? Unexpected incidents like this often ruin your gaming experience especially when playing with friends. They will have to go on without a trusty teammate, a consistent carry of the team. Would you rush to another internet cafe to reconnect the match? It may work out sometimes but not very often.

Top 5 Cross Play Games 02
Gaming with your friends is always better

However, you won’t have to face these problems when playing games with cross-platform compatibility. With that, you can continue your game progress when logging in on a mobile device. Resume the game like nothing ever happened in the first place with these 5 games:

1 – Fortnite

The wildly popular Battle Royale title Fortnite is available on practically any device from PC, consoles to your pocket mobile phone. Luckily, you won’t have to create so many accounts or lose your progress when playing from various devices as Fortnite supports cross-play. One account can serve you well on any platform.

With cross-platform compatibility, your account when playing on a mobile phone device will have all the items in your inventory. On an outing with your friend and someone suddenly suggests playing Fortnite but you forgot your PC? Just log in to Fortnite on mobile phone and all your treasured cosmetic items are here.

Top 5 Cross Play Games 03
Fortnite supports cross-play on various platforms, letting you enjoy the game with friends anywhere, on any device.

Also, you can team up with your friends from a different platform. Even if he is on a Console or PC, you can play Fortnite from a mobile phone with no trouble at all. However, if you are playing alone, the system will queue you with other mobile players for the shake of balance.

Currently, Fortnite is free to play on PC, Mobile, and console.

2 – Minecraft – Bedrock version

Another interesting game to enjoy wherever you are, Minecraft also supports various platforms. However, it takes some more steps to play the pixel-art Microsoft game with your friend on different platforms.

First, you need to download the Bedrock version for Minecraft. It should help with compatibility as the Bedrock version is also available on other platforms. However, keep in mind that there is also a “Java edition” version of Minecraft which is a new version of the game and isn’t compatible with Minecraft on other devices.

Top 5 Cross Play Games 05
With cross-play support, you can enjoy Minecraft with friends across many platforms

The next step would be acquiring the Minecraft: Pocket Edition on your mobile phone. Unfortunately, the mobile version isn’t free even if you have purchased the PC Minecraft. After all is set, you can enjoy perfect cross-play compatibility between the Bedrock PC version and the Minecraft: Pocket Edition. You can even invite your friend to your own world to play along.

The current price for Minecraft Bedrock version PC is $26.95 (₹1,918). The mobile Pocket Edition is $7 (₹500)

3 – Hearthstone

Hearthstone is among the best-known card games in the world. The fantastic trading card game (TCG) set in a world full of magic and demonic creatures. It takes its lore and character settings from the renowned game World Of Warcraft.

As a trading card game, it is incredibly important to save your progress after hundreds of battles. What is the point of playing if you can’t accumulate your card variety after all those long hard battles? Worry not, Hearthstone supports perfect cross-play compatibility between both PC and mobile phone. What you have achieved in your PC account will be fully available on your mobile phone version.

Top 5 Cross Play Games 06
The fantastic card game is available on both PC and mobile phone

With a slow pace and more tactical-based gameplay, Heartstone on PC and mobile are not much different. So you can take on a PC player with just your mobile phone and a stable internet connection.

Hearthstone is free to play on PC, IOS, and Android.

4 – Shadowverse

If you fancy the card game genre but Hearthstone is not enough, Shadowverse is always worth a try. Though being less popular than Hearthstone, Shadowverse has its own take on the trading card game genre. While Hearthstone focuses on portraying epic heroes and demonic creatures, Shadowverse is more inclined to illustrate their characters in a more anime-ish style.

Also, Shadowverse is excellent for those who want to enjoy a free game without too many microtransactions. The game developers regularly reward their players with gifts. As such, you can have fun with pretty little to none money invested. In case you feel the urge to top-up, it is always ok to get some good boosts to your game progress.

Top 5 Cross Play Games 07
Shadowverse is active with many events and rewards

Shadowverse also supports perfect compatibility between PC and mobile. You can play the game on either platform and your progress will be adjusted accordingly.

Shadowverse is currently free to play with its PC and mobile versions.

5 – Crashlands

Another pixel-based game in an open world, Crashlands is a mixture of Minecraft and Don’t Starve. In the game, you are free to explore the world full of hostile creatures. With weapons in hand, start building your own empire and craft various useful items. You can even build up pets or underlings to help with taking down strong foes.

The game came out in January 2016 with both PC and Mobile versions. The two versions of Crashlands can sync perfectly with their counterparts. All the progress you have made in the PC version with be there on your Crashlands mobile.

Top 5 Cross Play Games 08
Build your own empire with Crashlands

It was interesting as most games would start their journey on a platform. Until they have reached a decent success, the game developer would consider releasing the game on another platform. However, Crashlands upon its debut released both mobile and PC versions. It comes as 2 separate games with different price tags. However, it is always nice to enjoy a fun game on mobile phone so you can buy both games as a complete set to enjoy cross-play benefits.

Crashlands is currently available on PC at $14.99 (₹1,070) and on mobile phone at $6.99 (₹500).