GTA 5 is known for its huge collection of fancy cars with stunning looks and capabilities. However, not all of them were exactly created for the racing purpose, if not painfully slow.

Making money in GTA is not exactly hard, it requires time and effort. You wouldn't want to spend hard-earned money on these vehicles and then having to delay buying other things. In this article, we are going to show you the top 5 slowest vehicles in GTA 5. Unless you are trying to collect all the cars in GTA 5, you had better steer away from these vehicles.

Gta 5 Vehicles
Not all GTA 5 cars are fancy in the game like the way they are advertised.

5. Fieldmaster

The Fieldmaster can run at 33.25 mph top. If GTA 5 was all about farming, the Fieldmaster might have been quite useful.

Fieldmaster Gtav Front
Fieldmaster in GTA 5

4. The Tractor

The Tractor is an old rusty farming machine. It is slow, weak, with little torque or power. It can reach the top speed of 25 mph. Can't really expect much from it, but it would a really cool vehicle for decorations. After all, the Tractor is one of the rarest vehicles in GTA 5.

Tractor Gta
The Tractor in GTA 5

3. Dump Truck

Such a huge as heavy as the Dump Truck is not supposed to move fast. It can fun to ride in this vehicle though it will cost you an absurd amount of $1 million. Had it been cheap, it would be a really cool purchase even though it is one of the slowest vehicles in GTA 5. It can reach a top speed of 22 mph.

Gta Dump Truck
The Dump Truck in GTA 5

2. Lawn Mower

The Lawn Mower is one of the slowest has a speed limit of 13 mph. That means a player can even faster than riding the Lawn Mower. While is not designed to be in a race, it is still painfully slow.

Gta 5 Lawn Mower
The Lawn Mower in GTA 5

The Lawn Mower is actually a secret vehicle in GTA 5. You can only find the Lawn Mower at the Los Santos golf course club. It will spawn at 8 P.M inside the golf club. You will find a worker who is using it on the course. If you can't find him after a few minutes of looking. Go back another day.

1. Dozer

The Dozer is a tracked loader in GTA 5. Since it is a heavy and tracked vehicle, it is the slowest vehicle in GTA 5, even slower than the Lawn Mower or even a walking player. And what does it do? Absolutely nothing.

Dozer Gta
Dozer in GTA 5

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