GTA 5 is the most successful game Rockstar has ever made. Both the single and multiplayer were very successful, bringing millions of dollars to the company. However, they are not perfect - there are aspects of the game that don't really work. In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 things in GTA 5 that Rockstar should leave out in GTA 6.

1 - Multiple protagonists

While the multiple protagonists might sound nice on paper, it just doesn't work that well for GTA 5. While learning about the background, personality and motivation of multiple characters was nice and all, there are just so many characters to get through.

Instead of building on 3 mediocre characters, Rockstar should have focused their effort on just one protagonist to make him iconic and exceptional. Except for GTA 5, all other Rockstar games have only one protagonist.

Gta V Generic
The protagonists of GTA 5 are fairly generic.

2 - Side characters are dull and uninteresting

The GTA games have produced some of the most memorable characters in video gaming history. From Frank Tenpenny to Lance Vance and Johnny Klebitz, most players who have played the previous games are impressed with them.

This isn't really the case in GTA 5, with most of the side characters being pretty dull and uninteresting. This is the result of the game having three protagonists - apart from them and a few exceptions like Lamar Davis, the GTA 5 crew is mostly forgettable.

Lamar Davis Grand Theft Auto V
Lamar Davis is one of the few good characters in GTA 5.

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3 - Linear mission structure

GTA 5's missions are actually pretty "closed" for an open world game. Almost all missions in the game are linear - players need to follow the quest step by step without any deviation. This is a big problem, with GTA 5 being an open world sandbox - players should have the freedom in doing quests.

Any deviation could lead to a "mission failure", forcing you to retry again. This obsolete mission design should be changed in GTA 6.

You can fail your mission
You can fail your mission with any deviation.

4 - Map fillers

GTA 5 has one of the biggest open world maps in video games, however, it is filled to the brim with filler space. There are big portions on the map that contain neither quests nor interesting things to explore. While this design might be realistic, other games have done much better in using all the space they have. For example, GTA: SA is much better than GTA 5 when it comes to the filler spaces in SA's 3 Cities and Los Santos respectively.

GTA 6 should avoid bloating the game like this - only add content if they have some usage in the game.

GTA 5 Map filler
There is just nothing outside of the urban area in GTA 5.

5 - Filler missions

While nitpicky, GTA 6 should forgo the many filler missions found in GTA 5. Most fans would rather rob a bank or steal some shiny cars rather than slowly towing trucks or stacking crates, which is why Rockstar should steer away from such missions.

GTA 5 Filler
Everyone hates this mission.

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