Vehicles are the most important part of all GTA games, especially GTA Online. In this game, you would have to fight other players using your vehicles... and getting one with decent performance is vital. However, besides some very useful vehicles in GTA Online, many could hardly prove their effectiveness.

Vehicles in GTA
Vehicles are essential in GTA.

In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 armed vehicles you should not use in the chaotic online lobby of GTA.

5 - The Dune FAV

The Dune FAV is an off-road buggy specifically designed for patrols in the desert. While its acceleration, handling, and top speed are fairly decent, the weapons it has are just too weak. You would not be able to deal much damage to enemies using just one low damage machine gun.

Dune FAV
Dune FAV in GTA Online

Furthermore, the Dune FAV does not have much HP - it can easily be destroyed with a barrage of heavy weapons or a sticky bomb.

4 - Weaponized Tampa

The Weaponized Tampa was part of the fan-favorite Gunrunning update. Players had fairly high expectations for this vehicle, as the thing literally has "weaponized" in its name. However, when the car actually came out, everyone was disappointed.

Weaponized Tampa
Weaponized Tampa in GTA Online

This car has the same weakness as the previously mentioned Dune FAV. It has too little HP for its weapon to be useful.

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3 - The Caracara

The Caracara was based on a very popular car, the Hennessey VelociRaptor 6X6. Players who buy it for its look are quickly disappointed with its poor weaponry and low defense, especially against bullet fires. You won't be able to escape your enemies either, as the top speed of the Caracara is pretty low.

The Caracara
The Caracara in GTA Online

2 - Blazer Aqua

The Nagasaki Blazer Aqua is an amphibious quad bike featured in Grand Theft Auto Online, as part of the Import/Export update. While this bike might be great in the style department, its performance in combat is quite low.

Blazer Aqua
Blazer Aqua in GTA Online

The only weapon on this bike is the two machine guns under the headlight, which can be easily tanked. Furthermore, the low HP enables enemies to easily blow you apart.

1 - Volatol

The Volatol is a delta-wing strategic bomber featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the Doomsday Heist update. While it has a high top speed, it is one of the slowest aircraft in the game, with sluggish handling and low acceleration.

Volatol in GTA Online

Overall, the Volatol is completely worthless against other players in air-to-air combat due to its low-powered machine gun system. While it can carry twice the amount of bombs, hitting other players with them is pretty hard.

This is the end of our list for the weakest vehicles in GTA Online. Visit for more interesting gaming news and reviews!

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