People usually underestimated the challenges in GTA Online after their completion of GTA 5's story mode. Because of that, they are often confused after the tutorial ends, as there are just so many things to do.

Since the game has been around for 8 years, a lot of old players have accumulated a massive amount of vehicles and weapons. Because of that, catching up and get on equal footing with them is not easy. In this guide, we would list out the top 5 most useful items you need to buy after GTA Online tutorial.

1 - Special Carbine

Price: $14,750

After a few contact missions and other misc quests, players are likely to have a certain amount of cash in their bank account. The first proper gun that they need to buy in the shop is the Special Carbine, one of the most cost-effective weapons in the game.

Special Carbine
Special Carbine in GTA Online

It is fairly accurate, with decent damage, rate of fire, and range. The best part, however, is the cheap cost - it costs as much as a clothes item.

2 - Sticky Bombs

Price: $600

These sticky explosives are essential in any situation in the world of GTA Online. They are the highest damage item that you can get for just $600 - the explosion could easily destroy enemies on foot or heavily damage vehicles.

Sticky Bombs
Sticky Bombs in GTA Online

You don't have to worry about aiming much, as the sticky bomb attaches itself to anything it hit. Some armored vehicles are more resistant to the explosion, but nothing another sticky bomb cannot fix.

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3 - Snacks

Price: Varied

These small healing items are really useful during gunfights - they will be your main method of healing in the game.

Snacks in GTA Online

In a fight, you often need to chomp down on them as often as possible in order to regen health. If you die, your mission progress would reset. Snacks can be purchased from convenience stores, with prices based on their effects.

4 - Armored Kuruma

Price: $698,250/ $525,000 (After The Fleeca Job)

This is the most cost-effective armored vehicle that you can purchase in GTA Online. The Armored Kuruma would let you do missions quicker and safer, ignoring all those pesky griefers who are always trying to sabotage your progress.

Armored Kuruma
Armored Kuruma in GTA Online

It is best to do the Fleeca Job first then purchase the car, for an extra 25% reduction in prices.

5 - High-End Apartment

Price: $200,000+

A High-End Apartment should be your first real estate purchase in GTA Online. These luxurious apartments are your own base in the game world, provide you with garages for your vehicles... and most importantly, give you access to Heists.

High-End Apartment
High-End Apartment in GTA Online

Players will get access to the 5 original heists in GTA Online after the purchase - they are one of the best content the game has to offer.

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