In the recent Los Santos Tuners update in GTA Online, Rockstars has brought 16 new premium cars to the game. The Ubermacht Cypher is among one of them. This is a premium sports car with quite a unique look and a hefty price tag. Naturally, many players would love to know more about this car to see if it is worth buying.

Hence, in this article, we are going to make a review about the Ubermacht Cypher in GTA 5 so you can decide if it going to make it to your garage.

1. Ubermacht Cypher design and performance

The GTA 5 Ubermacht Cypher release date was September 2, 2021, nearly two months after the official launch of Los Santos Tuners update. Since its premiere, the Ubermatch Cypher ranks among the most popular Tuners cars in GTA 5.

The Ubermatcht Cypher real life car is the BMW M2 (F87). However, it also borrows some details from the BMW M6 (F13),  BMW M5 Competition (F90), and BMW M8 (F92). The design of the car is quite simple and aerodynamic.

Ubermacht Cypher Gta 5
The BMW M2 (F87) is the Ubermacht Cypher GTA 5 in real life.

The front of the car has a trapezium-shaped intake in the center and other 2 intakes on the side of it. Above the center intake is a trapezium-shaped grille. The bonnet area has an elevated part near the windscreen. There is a logo of the manufacturer on the front. The bonnet can be opened to see the engine.

The interior of the car is the same as the Jugular. There is a logo of the manufacturer on the horn cap.

The rear area of the car has J-shaped red lamps with white lower strips. The bumper area has thin vents with diffuser blades in the center and a dual exit on both sides.

Is the Ubermacht Cypher good?

The Ubermacht Cypher top speed is 147 km/h with decent acceleration. Overall, it is a good car for street racing, but it is not one of the fastest cars in the Lost Santos Tuners update. The car can make turns at high speed easily without spinning out.

However, the car has low clearance so you need to be extra careful on bumpy roads and curbs.

Ubermacht Cypher Gta 5 2
The Ubermacht Cypher can be used in street racing with average top speed and good acceleration.

The Cypher has the same engine model as the Rebla GTS with a 6-speed gearbox in the front engine and rear wheel drive layout. In terms of durability, the car can withstand strong collisions. However, during highspeed races, it can fling out when making contact with other cars.

2. Ubermacht Cypher customization

Players can customize the Ubermacht Cypher in Los Santos Custom. Players can increase the performance of the car or change the visual of the car here. The car has a wide range of options for visual upgrades, including the interior of the car.

Below is information on the customization of the GTA V Ubermacht Cypher and the prices.

Performance upgrades

Category Albany Lurcher Modification Cost (GTA 5 Online)
Armor No Armor $1,000
Armor Upgrade 20% $7,500
Armor Upgrade 40% $12,000
Armor Upgrade 60% $20,000
Armor Upgrade 80% $35,000
Armor Upgrade 100% $50,000
Brakes Stock Brakes $1,000
Street Brakes $20,000
Sport Brakes $27,000
Race Brakes $35,000
Engine EMS Upgrade, Level 1 $9,000
EMS Upgrade, Level 2 $12,500
EMS Upgrade, Level 3 $18,000
EMS Upgrade, Level 4 $33,500
Suspension Stock Suspension $200
Lowered Suspension $1,000
Street Suspension $2,000
Sport Suspension $3,400
Competition Suspension $4,400
Turbo None $5,000
Turbo Tuning $50,000
Transmission Stock Transmission $1,000
Street Transmission $29,500
Sports Transmission $32,500
Race Transmission $40,000

Visual upgrades

Category Albany Lurcher Modification Cost (GTA 5 Online)
Front Bumpers Stock Front Bumper $2,200
Primary Splitter Fins $4,600
Secondary Splitter Fins $7,400
Carbon Splitter Fins $11,700
Primary Splitter $14,500
Secondary Splitter $14,700
Carbon Splitter $14,900
Primary Super Splitter $15,100
Secondary Super Splitter $15,300
Carbon Super Splitter $15,500
Primary Wedged Splitter $15,700
Secondary Wedged Splitter $15,900
Carbon Wedged Splitter $16,100
Rear Bumpers Stock Rear Bumper $2,200
Primary Bumper $4,600
Secondary Bumper $7,400
Primary GT Bumper $11,700
Secondary GT Bumper $14,500
Carbon GT Bumper $14,700
Exhausts Stock Exhaust $260
Titanium Exhaust $750
Aluminum Exhaust $1,800
Oval Exhaust $3,000
Titanium Oval Exhaust $9,550
Carbon Oval Exhaust $9,750
Infinity Exhaust $10,500
Carbon Infinity Exhaust $12,000
Titanium Infinity Exhaust $13,750
Grilles Stock Grille $200
Carbon Grille $750
Slatted Grille $1,340
Carbon Slatted Grille $1,650
Meshed Grille $3,000
Carbon Meshed Grille $3,200
Dashed Grille $3,650
Primary Dashed Grille $4,100
Secondary Dashed Grille $4,550
Carbon Dashed Grille $5,000
Hoods Stock Hood $1,600
Carbon Hood $3,000
Smooth Hood $5,000
Carbon Smooth Hood $8,000
Ridged Hood $9,600
Carbon Ridged Hood $11,000
Rally Ducts $11,600
Carbon Rally Ducts $12,000
Performance Hood $12,400
Carbon Performance Hood $12,400
Vanity Hood $12,500

3. How to get the Ubermacht Cypher GTA 5

Players can get the Ubermacht Cypher GTA 5 from Legendary Motorsport for $1,550,000. If you manage to unlock its trade price, you will get quite a discount and Ubermacht Cypher price will reduce to only $1,162,500.

Ubermacht Cypher Gta 5
You can buy the Ubermacht Cypher for a cheaper price if you can unlock the trade price.

Players can also get the Ubermacht Cypher GTA 5 for free through the Prize Ride Challenge. The Prize Ride Challenge is an event introduced in the Los Santos Tuners update.

Every week, it will feature a car as the prize in the Car Meet. To get the car prize, players need to complete various challenges, which would take days to complete.

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