Electronic sports have gone a long way from being a leisurely pastime to a lucrative industry. Today, eSports tournaments attract millions of spectators from every corner of the world. Considering this fact, it comes as no surprise CS:GO events are one of the most viewed eSports tournaments ever. For this reason, in the lines that follow, we'll present you with the essential CS:GO happenings in 2021.

Cs Go Events 2021
CS:GO tournaments are always among the most awaited events of the gaming community.

Why People Love CS:GO

Counter-Strike games became widely popular, not just because of their unique theme but due to their relatively straightforward gameplay. CS:GO is part of a large community with millions of contributors. People enjoy this game from the comfort of their homes non-professionally, but you can find devoted pros playing this game.

As a result, many eSports organizations arrange various CS:GO tournaments with lucrative rewards ranging from $1,000 to around $1 million. For this reason, some people believe such events will overtake regular sports shortly. Consequently, some individuals go as far as believing that eSports athletes are equal to traditional sporting greats.

Nevertheless, it seems like players enjoy their "good guy vs. bad guy" roleplay. The concept proved to be successful and continues to develop in spite of new and more modern games coming out almost every day.

Counter-Strike Has Conquered The World

The game's popularity has spread all over the continents. Since its inception in 2021, CS:GO quickly overthrew other popular counter-strike features. Nowadays, the game has players from Europe, the Americas, Asia, Australia, and practically everywhere else under the sun.

Joke aside, CS:GO has more than a million players. It is estimated that the average number of regular players exceeds 400,000 per day.

The Most Popular CS:GO Events

Before we go further into the upcoming events, let's take a look at the most popular CS:GO tournaments. As mentioned above, such eSports tournaments captivate millions of spectators in an industry worth more than $400m.

These events bring together CS:GO lovers but also a vast number of gambling enthusiasts. As a result, there's a considerable number of dedicated eSports betting establishments where you can profit from your CS:GO knowledge. It's a testament to how much eSports has grown.

Csgo Tournament
A common scene in the CS:GO tournament finale.

Plenty of online operators now offer betting on CS. For example, GunsBet eSports Betting offers a good selection of matches and competitive odds. There, you can bet your favorite team will win or try to predict outcomes of matches down to details like player kill scores.

Moving on to the subject, some of the most sought-after CS:GO tournaments are as follows:

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major Championships
  • CS:GO S-Tier Events
  • CS:GO A-Tier Events
  • CS:GO C-Tier Events
  • CS:GO B-Tier Events
  • European Development Championship
  • Intel Extreme Masters

These events consist of multiple tournaments which are held on all continents. Simultaneously, they attract a massive number of spectators and sponsors. Consequently, the potential tournament rewards are high as well.

The Upcoming CS:GO Events In 2021

We've witnessed several spectacular CS:GO tournaments in the last couple of months, which give us a firm foundation to believe the upcoming events will be no different. Let's take a look at the most interesting CS:GO tournaments we expect until the end of 2021.

DreamHack Open October 2021 - Europe, Oceania

Start Date: 12.10.2021

End Date: 16.10.2021

The tournament will gather 12 teams from Europe and Oceania. This event is a part of the DH Series for teams from the mentioned continents. The championship will consist of 8 teams from the European continent and another 4 from Oceania.

Teams will start their journey from the playoff stage, with the grand final being held in a BO5 format. The prize pool for the upcoming event stands at $100,000.

Dreamhack Open October 2021

PGL Major Stockholm 2021

Start Date: 26.10.21

End Date: 27.11.21

With the grand prize worth $2,000,000, this event represents one of the largest CS:GO tournaments ever. Naturally, this event is being held every year in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. Ericsson Globe Arena is the event's host, while all matches will be broadcast in 4K resolution.

V4 Future Sports Festival - Budapest 2021

Start Date: 14.11.21

End Date: 21.11.21

The capital of Hungary will host one of the best CS:GO players, including the famous German team BIG. The prize pool for one of the most popular CS:GO events will be $380,000. The participants will fight on well-known maps such as Ancient, Dust II, Inferno, Mirage, Nuke, Overpass, and Vertigo. Also, this tournament attracted some big sponsor names like Esportmilla, HUNESZ, and Esport1.

BLAST Premier Fall 2021 Finals

Start Date: 24.11.21

End Date: 28.11.21

The online tournament consists of 8 teams, from which 6 teams will proceed to the final stage. Spectators will have a chance to watch teams like:

  • NaVi,
  • BIG,
  • Vitality,
  • Astralis,
  • FaZe Clan,

The prize pool of this tournament finals is set to $425,000.

Intel Extreme Masters Season XVI - IEM Winter 2021

Start Date: 02.12.21

End Date: 12.12.21

Teams compete for the $250,000 prize and the ESL Pro Tour points in one of the most popular events in the Intel Extreme Master series. It consists of 2 groups, while each has 8 teams. Furthermore, group winners will advance to the semi-finals, while second-placed teams will go to the upper seeding.

Final Thoughts

There's no doubt the upcoming CS:GO events will bring much excitement and controversy. Counter strike fans will have a lot of opportunities to gather and cheer for their favorite teams. Taking everything into account, we expect many surprises and lots of action in the days to come.

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