Valorant is a new character-based esports FPS from Riot. The game has received a lot of hype from the community ever since the closed beta of it 3 days ago. The game was advertised by Riot with neat features for an esports FPS title such as high tick-rate, anti-cheat,... and they actually caught the attention of many diehard FPS players.

However, it has been only a few days and there is already a cheater with aimbot. The closed beta is only available to a limited number of famous content creators and people who get a lucky drop on Twitch.

Reveal Window Valorant 0
Valorant is advertised as an esports FPS title with great anti-cheat system and high-tick rate severs

Although the cheater is banned, it was thanks to the player who posted the cheating proof on social media. The anti-cheat system of Valorant did nothing.

The player pool of Valorant is currently rather small now and it going to explode when the game is officially released. That means the number of cheaters is going to increase along with it as well. Even the leader of the anti-cheat team of Valorant, Paul Chamberlain, admits that it going to be a hard fight with more cheaters are coming.

In fact, according to some posts on Reddit, cheaters actually has already appeared on the first day of Valorant closed beta. This sparks the question about the effectiveness of the anti-cheat system Riot advertised. Being a free-to-play game, Valorant will have a huge problem with cheaters just like every other free-to-play game as cheaters can just create a new account.

The main competitor of Valorant is CS:GO as they have almost identical gameplay. If Valorant is going to be plagued by cheaters just like CS:GO or worse, the whole point of being a competitive esports title is not going to work for them. Riot already has a bad reputation for not being able to balance their game with League of Legends already, and all their marketing tricks won't work if they let cheaters roam free in Valorant.