This week’s freebie from Epic Game Store is Jotun, a hand-drawn adventure/action game from Indie developer Thunder Lotus, set in the world of Norse Mythology.

In this game, you would step into the shoes of a spurned Viking warrior named Thora, who didn’t die in combat like the usual Vikings and was denied entry to the halls of the gods. With your trusty axes, your quest is to explore the Nordic Purgatory to prove yourself worthy to enter Valhalla. Assemble the ancient runes to unleash the Norse elementals – Jotuns and fight them. The Valhalla edition that was given away on Epic unlocks a harder difficulty, with improved versions of all the bosses.

All the enemies in this game are gigantic, especially the bosses

The game is masterfully designed by hand and the exploration part is best savored slowly. You would travel through various realms, each with a unique design weaved in various Nordic myths and legends - the main task is to resolve puzzles and defeat monsters on the way to the end of each level. A giant boss called Jotun would be your final fight to unlock the next world. Each of them would carry a unique design based on the theme of the map they are in.

Defeat the common enemies is not a simple task, as they are more or less a miniboss

Each boss fights would be a pitched battle in which you have to avoid the boss' attacks while navigating the traps of the arena. To beat the bosses, you would have to memorize their move set and attack patterns then pick the right moment to counter-attack. Jotun: Valhalla Edition is currently free on the Epic Game Store. You would be able to keep it forever if you add the game to your library before Dec 12, 2019.

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