Independent developer Wyrmbyte recently introduced a very interesting new product called Warp Nexus. This is a relatively nostalgic online game whose theme is, well, shooting each other in space.

The successor of Jumpgate

Scheduled to launch later this year, Warp Nexus will be a massively multiplayer space sim. Not convinced yet? Then one more thing about this game is that it is the successor to the famous Jumpgate. They include in the game a lot of features like real-time action, action-focused space flights, with a mix of MMO factors such as bounties and crafting an MMO economy. Check out a sneak peek for the game below.

Unlike other online space games that often are worldwide and endless which make gamers tired of moving. Warp Nexus brings more simple travel networks, saving time for players so that they can concentrate more on the gameplay.

Speaking of gameplay, Warp Nexus brings a lot of play styles for gamers, from solo to co-op to PvP. There are lots of side content to explore like making money by digging resources, traveling or hunting bonuses ...

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The graphics seem great

Test in the summer and Coming out this year

Warp Nexus will reportedly open its test on Steam this summer. In addition, the game will have multiple versions for different platforms besides PC, from consoles to mobile. More interesting is that it runs cross-platform, which means that players can meet each other in this game regardless of which device they play on.

Warp Nexusthe Successor Of Jumpgate Is Coming Out
Warp Nexus is an action-oriented space game

But remember that there are not many official details from the developers yet, and what we have right now is mostly speculations. As a result, take all of this with a grain of salt.  Still, it is exciting to look forward to new information about this game. Follow the game's official website and Twitter page for more updates.