Watch Dogs 2 was the direct sequence to the 2014’s Watch Dogs, both developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. This action-adventure game takes players on the story of Marcus Holloway, a hacker who works for the DecSec hacking group to take the whole city surveillance system called ctOS. Released on November 29, 2016, Watch Dogs 2 was one of the most anticipated titles of the year. Ubisoft dropped the first teaser regarding the game on June 8th, 2016, and it immediately took the world by storm. Today, we want to dig deep into the Watch Dog 2 trailer, showing you all the details you may have missed. 

watch dog 2 trailer join hackers
Join the hackers' world in Watch Dogs 2

Some of you may wonder why do we make a trailer analysis as of now - 4 years after the game’s initial release? Well, the question lays in the recent event from the publisher Ubisoft themselves. Just a few days ago, on July 12th, 2020, players can claim Watch Dogs 2 for absolutely free of charge if they log into Uplay during the Ubisoft Forward day. They streamed the event on multiple platforms such as Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, and their official website to promote the upcoming titles: Assasin’s Creed: Vahalla as well as Watch Dogs: Legion. With that being said, we find it’s a good idea to provide you with some information on the game via a Watch Dog 2 trailer breakdown. 

watch dog 2 trailer marcus holloway
Follow Marcus Holloway as he takes on the ctOS

Watch Dog 2 Trailer: E3 2016 Cinematic Reveal 

The first Watch Dogs 2 cinematic trailer was dropped at the 2016 E3, a few months before the game initial release. The video has now gathered over 13 million views on YouTube alone. It takes us to the beautiful city of San Francisco, in the Bay Area - the main location where most of the gameplay takes place. The 2016 E3 Watch Dogs 2 cinematic trailer shows a different side of normal everyday life in the city. A group of hackers, presumably the DecSec hackers can be seen penetrating the security systems to bring down ctOS.

This Watch Dog 2 trailer really brings “goosebumps” to the fans of gaming around the world with its intense, short scenes, combined with thrilling music. Everything from the action, the settings, to the ambiance, they all resemble those of any Blockbuster Hollywood movies. This serves as the first “Big Bang” from Ubisoft to promote their game in 2016, giving gamers all kinds of butterflies in their stomach. 

watch dog 2 trailer decsec
DecSec has returned to the Bay Area

Watch Dog 2 Trailer: The Gameplay

Not leaving the fans hanging for too long, Ubisoft also released the Watch Dogs 2 trailer gameplay at E3 2016, right after the cinematic reveal. It seems like the DecSec hacking group is more than just a gathering of skillful hackers. Let’s check out the Watch Dogs 2 trailer gameplay and have a look for yourself: 

Similar to its predecessor, Watch Dogs 2 is an action-adventure game with the stealth elements. As shown in the video, your gameplay experience will involve more than just hacking. We see a lot of actions - as opposed to most of the movie adaptation of hackers, including running, parkouring, fighting, and gun-shooting. The characters use some devices to hack into almost every digital machines, even cars, granting them total control of the surroundings. 

watch dog 2 trailer hack
You can hack into any digital devices with your phones

We can associate what we saw in the trailer with the actual gameplay experience of Watch Dogs 2. Players have to conduct various tasks that includes all the actions mentioned above while hacking into the ctOS system. This adds more “spices” to the “maybe boring title” if all you get to do is sitting around cracking morse codes. The Watch Dogs 2 trailer gameplay represents the missions that you’re taking on in the game. 

Watch Dog 2 Trailer: The Soundtrack 

Music can greatly affect your feelings and mood, as proven by numerous scientific researches and facts. Therefore, movie makers and video editors always try to go above and beyond to find the most intriguing soundtrack to help convey their messages and stimulate certain senses. And in the Watch Dogs 2 trailer, they used high-paced, electronic music that said so much about the gameplay. So, if you’re looking for the Watch Dogs 2 trailer song, we’ve compiled a list of everything you need here:

watch dog 2 trailer song list
Check out the Watch Dogs 2 trailer song list here
  • DONNIE DAYDREAM - Undeniable (Feat. Richie Sosa): Launch Trailer Song
  • N.E.R.D. - Spaz: Trailer Reveal Song
  • Overthrow - Boys Noize: Story Trailer Song

Watch Dog 2 Trailer: Honest Trailer 

If you haven’t already known about the honest trailers, they’re pretty much the trailers of games that delivered in an honest and funny way. The videos are uploaded to a YouTube channel called Fandom Games - which claims to always speak the truth in a corky manner. Should you not watch the Watch Dogs 2 honest trailer, here’s the video clip: 

Apart from the Watch Dogs 2 trailer song, everything else was altered in some ways to meet the channel’s standards. The narrative is the most fun though since it’s the soul of the whole video series. He speaks with such a serious voice, but the content is not so much. It gives you the exact idea of what you should be expecting in the game. The Watch Dogs 2 honest trailer may give you a “fuller” look of the title.

watch dog 2 trailer experience
Experience the world of Watch Dogs 2 yourself, and tell us what you think

Watch Dog 2 Trailer Reaction

The Watch Dogs 2 trailer receives tons of positive reviews and comments from the gaming community - praising that it was one of the most anticipated titles of the year 2016. YouTubers, news magazines, and gamers around the world all perceived it as a worthy sequel to the 2014’s franchise. Now, it’s maybe too late for a Watch Dogs 2 trailer reaction video, but if you want to see what others really think, check it out down below.

That sums up our article on the Watch Dog 2 Trailer. We hope you now have a clearer perspective on the game via our Watch Dogs 2 trailer reaction. If you have already claimed a free copy of the title from Ubisoft, why not give it a try? Check out our website at for more!