Many members of the gaming community have been waiting for more updates about Shenmue 3 for a long time. Fortunately, Ys Net and Deep Silver have recently shown off a brand new trailer for this game. The trailer features a glimpse of Ryo Hazuki’s life. Furthermore, you can also see a great amount of the various activities as well as fights which you will be able to take part in.

In the trailer above, you can see Ryo interact with other residents in the town. You can also see him inside an arcade in the neighborhood, showing off a variety of minigames. Most importantly, there is a demonstration of Ryo’s martial arts prowess against all types of fighters in a fighting ring.

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Ryo's martial art moves are just eyes pleasing

The trailer is fantastic, but it cannot show us clearly about the gameplay. In the E3 earlier this year, attendees got the chance to go hands-on with the game. Many admitted that it was really good and could undoubtedly live up to its predecessors. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about. All you need to do is wait until Shenmue 3 arrives this November and enjoy it.

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The game received many positive comments at the E3

The game had a crowdfunding campaign which ended last year. The details of the Backer Demo is also revealed in the trailer. Ever since the funding, the developer has been considering making a PC version of the game exclusively on Epic Games Store.

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The game will be available on PC and PS4

Shenmue 3 will be on PC and PS4 on the 19th of November this year. There have been some rumors about an Xbox One port, however, the publisher has quickly shot it down.

Stay tuned and we will try our best to inform you every piece of new information about Shenmue 3.